Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Guess What? 

I get to see, snuggle, kiss, and HUG my great grand baby today!  YIPPEE!!!  Aubrey and her mommy (my sweet Elizibeth) is coming over this morning to see us.  I can't wait...  I'll try and steal a few pictures of her so I can post them.  She's a cutie-patootie!!

I actually CROSSED some items off my list!  Gosh...it feels so good to do that.  I'm making a little surprise for our Alaska Cruise Gals (Lynn and Pam) so... shhhhh... don't tell them!  Ooopppss... I forgot! Pam reads my Blog!  Hey Pam... guess what?  I'm not telling you what it is...you'll just have to wait and see!  (It's nothing big...just a little "thank-you" for both of you) from me and Merryann (my friend that is coming with me).

Then.. I re-straightened my sewing studio.  It seems like that's all I do.  I can now understand how my kids could tear up a room in a matter of seconds when they were playing or looking for something.  gggrrrr... very frustrating isn't it?

Let's see what I have for you today!

I love this setting.... don't you?  The white chairs, covering, mirror on the table and great frame in the background.

I think I need this table in my sewing studio!

Now... this is fabulous.  I would have to do some kind of label with the drawers... I'm sure I would forget where I put things. 

These hangers are so cute.  Don't they make you smile?  I might actually like doing laundry and hanging things up if I owned these.  hhhmmm... wonder how easy they are to make... sew up the top and part of the bottom...slip onto the hanger and finish the seam...I think it's pretty much an easy task!  Don't you?

Look how they've taken this old TV tray - painted it white and used it on the table.  How sweet is this... ?  White is such a great color...goes with all of the seasons well.

These I saw on the Internet.  They fit perfect into a buggy... so you can shop and then the "bagger" can put things right back inside and it's easy to haul to the house.  Now...to find them..that's the issue!

I sure wish we had a "container" store here.... and IKEA!!!

This is the perfect mailbox for all of us that sew!  Mount your box on top of an old sewing machine base (steel) and we have it ready for delivery!!  Ha...I think this is a HIT!!

And here...boys and girls... is my Aubrey!!!

I love black and white photos...they are just precious! " Hi everyone...I've just had my bath!"

giggles.....giggles... and more giggles!!!

Look at that sweet face!!!  Don't you wonder what they are thinking?

I just arrived at Great Grammies house...!!  I'm wide awake and very HAPPY!  She's now 6 weeks old.  Look at those long fingers...hhhmmm... I wonder if she will play the piano?

It's time to leave you... I need some more hugs from Aubrey...

Here's a "giggle" picture for you... silly CAT!  I wonder what in the heck he is doing?  In love with that fence post... and giving it a BIG HUG?  hahahahahahaha!

We used to have a cat just like this when we were little.  His name was Taffy.  What a sweet kitty he was...gosh he lived a LONG time.  Our daddy found him along the road all alone and he was just a little tiny thing.

Have a super Tuesday!! 

I'm off for snuggles!!!


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