Friday, July 20, 2012

Good Morning!!!

Well... it's 4:00 am and I'm wide awake... why?  Well.. .I have so many things on my mind that it's just going a mile a minute.  I'm sure you all know what I mean.  The most critical... is the terrible news that one of my OGC customers daughter is missing - 15 years old!  They just moved into Jacksonville from Green Cove Springs and now they can't find her.  Her name is Faith Shirley.  Here's her photo!!!

OGC gals... remember Candy Shirley?  This is her daughter!!!  Please spread this photo to everyone you know and let's do all we can to help find her. 

Heather and I just chatted with Faith and her parents the other day at Carrabba's.  PRAY!!!  Lord... keep her safe and bring her home!  AMEN!

Then... I'm getting ready to fly to Houston - YIPPEE!!  I'm going to spend several days with my friend Paula... she's going to "try" and teach me how to use her method of publishing her patterns.. you know... learning software is NOT the highlight of my life.  However, I MUST find an easier and FASTER way to get my patterns written. I have so many that I need to write - so I can share them with all of you.  Time is a wasting!!   So... Sunday is the big day... movin' to Texas for a week!!!  Yippee!!!

So... these two things (among a million other things) have been in my mind all night.  Now I've had some coffee - and I'm getting things going for the day.  Of course... it's so early.. I might have to crawl back under the covers for awhile.  That's the best sleep... isn't it?

I've noticed that everyone must be getting the "Fall Season" bug .... Pinterest has sure had a ton of cool fall things posted.  Here are some of my favorites.

Isn't this GORGEOUS for your front door!  I love full and pretty.  That burlap bow just sets it off.  In case you haven't noticed... burlap is IN now girls!!!  Yes it is!!!  It's HOT in the decorating market now... a new trend!

Then... I've always been a lover of Indian Corn.  I can remember my mom always had it in the house during the fall season.  We could find it everywhere in Indiana.  It's so pretty in arrangements... or just lying in an old basket or wooden bowl.  This wreath is pretty cool... I wonder if the birds would decide to make a nest in it... OR EAT IT?  Not good either way.

You know... another LOVE, LOVE, LOVE of mine - is bittersweet!  OMG... it is so much fun to decorate with.  Last fall I was in Indiana with my sister-in-law (Linda - Jack's little sister) and we went to a FALL craft show.  Gosh... I love going to those things!  The air was crisp, it was a sunny day... you could smell the yummy food cooking, and there were beautiful HUGE mum plants blooming everywhere... then I saw it!  A booth FULL of REAL BITTERSWEET!  I almost pee---d my pants I was so excited!  I bought a huge bundle of it for only $5.00 !!!  I was doing the happy dance.

The ONLY bad thing about the real stuff... it falls apart SO EASY!  So you MUST be very careful with it.  That's why...the fake stuff (as below on the pumpkins) is such a good way to go.  It lasts forever and it's so pretty.  They make it now so you swear it's real.  We had some at the OGC and it would sell out immediately.

I love white (luminary) pumpkins and with the bittersweet wrapped around the center of them... well.. let's just say... OH MY!

Then... I saw this adorable gift.  They've taken the small, squatty canning jars and filled it with some type of apple dip.  Then tied a crispy fresh green apple to the top - added a sweet ribbon - and it's now ready to be given as a sweet gift. 

Now... if you don't want to go to the time of making this dip... just buy a bag of carmels, unwrap lots of them - fill the jar.  Then they can remove the lid - microwave the carmels to melt.. and they are ready to eat and dip their apple.  How fast and easy is this? 

Great little token for your mailman, nail tech, hair stylist, how about the UPS or FEDEX guy?  Teacher?  or...for each of your girlfriends sometime when you all go out to lunch!

Then... if you  don't know this... I'm all about "little collections" of things.  Take a peak at this one.. I think it's so cool!

I just love the old, ornate, antique hand mirrors!  Can't you just see this as a display in your bathroom.. or even in the bedroom.  The mirrors all sitting in a row on the hooks is very clever too.   I like how she hung them with white ribbon (blending in with the wall).  It gives the mirrors the appearance they are floating... don't you think?   How sweet and feminine.'s another thing to add to my "antique" hunting list. 

And the best photo of all... "I'm Home".

Pray for sweet Faith... pray for our military and their families... pray for our country!

Thanks for being my friends!


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