Monday, July 9, 2012

Good Monday Morning!!

I'm hoping everyone had a super weekend!  It's so bloody hot here in Jacksonville it kind of limits how much you can stay outside!  Whew!  We have a black car and just in a matter of minutes it's steaming hot on the inside...too MUCH!! 

Well, today's post is a bit unusual for me... it's all about cute wedding ideas!  Now... I'm not planning any weddings... but I found this great board that had the darn - cutest ideas that I had NEVER seen before and I thought that you might like to see them... you know... just in case you're planning a wedding in your family!  If not... they are so cute and clever ... they are fun to look at!  Here we go....

This photo was taken after the ceremony...when you are now with your NEW man... you are supposed to stop and kiss your DADDY "goodbye"!  Isn't that sweet?  Now...when I got married... I carried a single rose with my bouquet - I stopped and gave it to my mother (and a kiss) before stepping up to the alter.  Then after I was married - I had another single rose laying on the kneeling bench.  I picked it up and stopped and gave it to my mother-in-law before we walked back down the isle.

I think this idea is sooooooo cute!  They had a photo session for the guests - as they arrived.  They made it look like one of those photo booths so they could be private with their session. Plus...they had all kind of cute props for them to use!   Well... they got to write a message on a chalk board - then the photographer took their picture and gave them the option to purchase the album.  How sweet and personal this idea is... I love it!  It's a great time to be funny and loving at the same time.

This bride stitched (in blue thread) the date of her wedding in the under hem of her skirt...thus she was wearing "something blue".  Taking a photo of it for her album is a great idea also!

This wedding had MANY children in attendance.  They gave each child a small bag filled with crayons, a few toys, a lollipop and some brown craft paper.  They asked them to draw a picture about the wedding so they could keep it in an album.  The child was to sign their name also.  It was a sweet way to keep the kids busy and a great thing for them to look back at years later.

This was a card that was made for both the bride and groom.  They calculated how many days they had known each other for the cover.  They were to write a love letter for each of them to read on the morning after their marriage.  Isn't that sweet?  I remember Jack used to write me the sweetest letters when we were young... and he was away in the Navy.  Gosh... I lived to see the mailman deliver those letters.  So sweet.....(((sniffle)))!!!

I loved these...these are fans they have made to give each person attending the wedding - it was outside. (heck...sometimes you need them in the church too...)  They took pretty fonts and styled them after their wedding announcement!

This idea is so sweet!!!!!!!!!  Once your wedding is over and you're trying to decide what in the heck to do with your bouquet.... here's a super idea!!  Take some of the petals and place them inside a clear Christmas ball ornament - leaving the top off so they dry!  Then.. decorate the top and put it with your Christmas ornaments.  Every time you decorate your tree... you will remember that glorious day.

I also thought it would be cute to take a WHITE sharpie and on the bottom - each year - just write the year - very small - keep writing them in a circle - all the way around the ornament.  Can you imagine how pretty it will look years later?  (2012  2013  2014)

This is a photo of the bride and groom reading a LOVE letter they each wrote to each other...before they walk down the isle.  Now...this could be disaster on the makeup.... don't you think?  Maybe reading it the morning of your wedding would be a better idea - especially for the bride.

I loved this idea... this is a wedding shower gift to the bride and groom!  They took simple tongue depressors and painted them pretty...then with a sharpie - wrote "date" ideas to use after they are married... cause you all know...the dating changes drastically after you're married!  HA!!

Hope you enjoyed those sweet ideas and that you have someone you can pass them on to!

This little fellow below is so cute!  Can you believe he can carry a nut as big as his head???  I love those beady little eyes starring at you.... "don't even think about taking my nut" is what I'm sure he's thinking!

That's all I have for today... we are going to breakfast with Lexie and Heather then picking up their car at the repair shop.  Who knows what's going on for the rest of the day... I think I'll work on my wool Christmas quilt... I have more blocks to make (that's another story...) so it can get finished up for Cinnamon's.  She's going to debut it at Quiltfest with KITS!!!  You're gonna want to make it... I'm telling you right now!!!

Chat tomorrow.... 


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