Friday, July 13, 2012

As my sister Vicky would say... YIPPEE... IT'S FRIDAY!!!

Today... I'm getting the old gray hair "roots" sparkled up - the gray is going bye-bye!  Then... a little trim and I'll feel like a new woman.  Isn't it amazing how much better a hair cut makes you feel?  Silly huh?'s home to work on my sewing project bag... I'm sewing until midnight today (well... I'll poop out before that...).  We sew from 2:00 to midnight two times per month.  It's such fun... a great group of fellow we eat... 'cause you know it's all about the food.  We have a theme each time (or we try to) and of course... I ALWAYS have to bring Popeye's Fried Chicken.  I love the stuff and it's the only time I get to eat it.  Plus... we are all starving in the afternoon (before dinner at 6:00) so we all eat my chicken as a "snack".  It works out pretty darn well...

Then...this weekend... I'm organizing the PILES of stuff in my office!  OH MY GOSH... I have boxes of stuff... everywhere.  It's a bit embarrassing... when your girlfriend makes mention of the piles... it's time to do something about them.  It will make me feel so much better... I know it will. 

I found tons of fun things today.....

Don't you just love how they took yardsticks and made these cute drawer handles.  Wouldn't this look so cute in our sewing studios?  I've put this in my Pinterest boards so I won't forget it!

Now...this is pretty darn clever.  Go to the dollar store and buy a pretty "colored' plastic soap container... you know ... the kind you travel with.  Then slip your camera inside and lock the lid.  This will protect it while in your purse, the color is bright so you can find it easy.... and it will protect the camera.  I use my phone... but there are those out there that still love a camera.  The soft covers sometimes hide in your purse (they seem to always be a dark color)... this should help!

I loved this stitchery.  Wouldn't it be cute for the sheep and tree to be made from wool?  What a cute saying!!!

Now...this is so stinkin' clever... I HATE cleaning the silk from corn... you are to buy a HARD bristled toothbrush and use it only on your corn - (or it's great for cleaning mushrooms too) .  Rub it across the silk and kernels and it immediately removes it!

Isn't this a cute dresser for a little boys room?  I thought it was adorable.  Draw your line with a permanent red marker and then the red part (stitch) of the "sewing" is plastic tape!!!  Cool huh?

I loved this idea... they wrapped 24 small books and let the children pick one per night - they read them the book before bed.  Then they have the books to re-read the following day.  Isn't that a sweet tradition... remember... "making memories" !!

Look at this adorable Halloween costume for a little one that may get tired of walking while Trick-or-Treating!!!  Now... this is so clever and simply adorable!

Wow... I love this!  it's a fishing pole that they have strung so it's bent.  Then they have different photos of the "fishermen" in the family... Father, Son, Daughter... with their fish!  How wonderful in the MAN CAVE... don't you think?  I especially love the bobbers hanging on the end!

Now this is the cleverest thing I've found.  Before going on a vacation with your little ones... make them each a bracelet with YOUR cell phone number on it.  Explain to the children that this is what they will show another adult if they get separated from you in a crowd!  Isn't this clever?  I think its genius!!!  These little beads can be bought a the craft store in bulk so they are not expensive at all.

And...last but not least we have these two little fellows... they are best buddies...can you tell?  So darn cute!!  I sure would love to give them a snuggle right now... kiss their little forehead and scratch their little ears.... I sure love puppies! 

Have a super-dooper weekend.  Gets lots done...or what the heck.. just rest and relax and get ready for another week!

I WILL finish my piles of projects (not finish...finish... )... just more organized!

See you on Monday!


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