Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday - June 14, 2012

Today... it's a trip down memory lane...especially for those of you that are around my age... you know...being kids in the 50's - 70's!!!  One of my friends - Lori - posted a ton of wonderful things from my childhood on Pinterest this morning... I just have to share with you.  It make take two days of posting... there are so many memories... I hope you have wonderful ones from your childhood...

Let me take you on this ride.............................

Sweet little hats and white gloves for special events.  I remember wearing little white gloves and home made dresses for our 8th Grade graduation.  I'll have to find that picture, scan it in the computer and show you... it's a riot...with our red hair - WHITE cat shaped glasses...we were a site to see...let me tell you!

I can't tell you how I hated these chairs.  They were so uncomfortable and never enough table space.  We not only had them at our grade school - but in the high school too!!  I remember when I wore my back brace (for 4 years) I couldn't fit into this thing and still have enough room to bend over from the hips to see my desk top.  They had to bring in a table and chair for me!!  How embarrassing...!

OH MY GOSH... I LOVED STIRRUP PANTS!!!  Didn't you?  The only thing...they had to be the perfect fit... if they were to short... you could feel them creeping down your waist and your crotch would soon be falling around your knees.  If they were toooooo long... you would get huge bumps in the knees!!  hahahahahahahaa!!!!!  Too funny!!

Hey...we used these in typing class!  Erase your mistake and then brush away the crumbs.  You couldn't keep making the same mistake over and over or you would have no paper left from all the erasing!!!  All those crumbs sure had a bad effect on the inside of the typewriter.  I'll never forget going to my typing class in high school and looking down at the keyboard to see NOTHING on the keys.  We learned from pure memory!!!  eeekkkkk!!!  Oh how I LOVED TYPING CLASS!!!!   LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT!!

Remember these????  This is the card inside a library book they would stamp when you checked out a book!  I used to love to look at it before checking out my book to see if I knew anyone that had already read it.  My sister, Vicky, worked in a library the entire time we were in high school.  She sure has touched MANY of these sweet things!!

I can remember shopping in K-Mart when I was a kid with my parents and hearing the announcement of the Blue Light Special.  Mom would always stop and listen for the item...then if she wasn't interested... we would keep on shopping.  Remember when K-Mart was the ONLY big box store to shop in?  Now I'm not sure how they are staying alive.  The one closest to us NEVER has more than 12 cars in the parking lot!!  So sad! 

Oh My Gosh... I love cigar bubble gum... STILL DO!!!  Is it made any longer?  I'll have to check that out the next time I'm in the Gate station...they have every kids candy in the world!  These tasted so darn good... my favorite was the banana!!!  Yumilicious!  I can taste it right now!

Heck... I can remember all of us girls taking turns sitting under these!  We look like space people.  I also remember the plastic (hot) smell from them... do you?  It sure did the trick of drying your hair fast when it was full of rollers!!

Now...this my friends ... brings back WONDERFUL MEMORIES.  Jack (my honey) and I used to go to the drive-in movies when we were dating... I remember the first movie I saw with him.  James Bond - Goldfinger!!!  I had to be home early.... (darn it) and we didn't even get to see the end of it.  What wonderful memories... I loved him so much (still do)!  For those of you that don't know what these are...they are the speakers that you would pull up beside and hang the speaker on your drivers window.

SILLY PUDDY!!!  We would beg Mom for this... and we would do exactly what they are showing... press it on the cartoons every Sunday!  Then smash it all up and do it again.  So silly but so much fun.

I LOVED these glasses.  Let me tell you...there is nothing that tasted better than drinking ICE COLD Kool-Aid from one of these glasses (aluminum)... I wish we still could ... it tasted so good.  These were a "staple" in every one's kitchen during the 50's!

This was one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.  Vicky and I wanted a baton so bad....sssssooooo... badddddddddd.  Mom and Dad took us into town - to the music store (they sold REAL ones)... they had us measured, the baton was weighted for us.. and then we paid for it each week with our allowance.  I loved twirling!!!!  We had a lady at the grade school that taught us how to do it.  I was never very good at the tosses in the air and then catching it... pretty darn scary seeing that silver thing spinning and coming at your head!

Remember wearing barrettes... these cool ones?  I sure wish they made this kind today.  This was before we had much plastic and they were made from bak-o-lite (spelling?)  Wow... I sure wish I owned them now...they would be worth some $$$$$$$$$$$$$  !!!  Aren't these colors so pretty..this is back when girls wore soft colors...pretty pastels!!

And...this.... girls and boys... was my all time favorite show!  The Red Skelton Hour.  Oh my gosh...this guy could make me belly laugh like no one else ever has!  What a talented, funny man!!! 

I have so many more... I'll share with you tomorrow....

You know.. all of these things are so special to me... it's the memories I guess.
We have a saying in our family... "Remember to make memories with your family"! 

It's so rewarding and so wonderful to look back....  are you making memories with your family? 

Now is the time to start....

Chat tomorrow...


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