Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday - June 18, 2012

Well... I certainly hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend!  We sure did... Jack and I played around shopping and goofing off on Saturday...then ate with our Heather, Keck and Lexie at Carrabbas' on Sunday ... man that food is scrumptious!  Then we got to bring Lexie home with us to spend the night.  She's such a great little girl!  This morning about 4:00 am I felt this little person crawl in beside me in bed.  What a wonderful feeling to snuggle with a little one.  Of course... I was now wide awake!  Ha!!!  She is now happy cuddled on the couch watching her all time favorite - Scooby-Doo!!  What a silly peanut she is!

This is ONE BUSY WEEK and I'm lovin' it!  Today.. .I MUST get a quilt cut out for the upcoming "girls" weekend of sewing.  Some of my friends are traveling to Jacksonville and they along with some of my other buddies are going to spend the weekend sewing!  I can't wait!  I need some girlfriend time!  THEN... Tuesday I will be taking 13 gals to Wisconsin... to Primitive Gatherings Retreat!  OMG... I can't wait.  I've rented a 15 passenger van (for all of us to go shop-hopping in) along with a mini-van.... FOR ALL OF THE LUGGAGE!  I get to be the tour guide and chef on this trip and I can't wait!

So... that means I'll be out of pocket for Friday of this week and Tuesday through Monday of the next week.  We don't have a computer at our Wisconsin Retreat House !!  I'll try to hook up with Vic's wireless (she's going too...yippee!) but I'm not sure if that will work.  We'll have to play it by ear!

Let's see what I have for you today....

I've finished knitting my fingerless gloves!!!  All I have to do now is stitch them together!  I sure hope my sister-in-law loves these things... if so.. .I'll make her some more!  I think her hubby and sons may like them too... they all have a landscaping company together (Indiana) and these will be perfect for that not so freezing weather...but "I still need some gloves on" time of the year!

I burst out laughing at this cartoon... OMG how I can relate to this.  The extra fabric waving on my arms should just be out-lawed!  Don't you just hate the "sagging" years!! Disgusting!

I've mentioned before how I love bottle-brush trees... well...this one is even more awesome... it's on an antique box with an adorable sheep!  I WANT THIS!!!!  It would look ever so lovely with my little collection!

Now.. I don't know about you... but I think this is the perfect tag to own!  You know... for those projects that actually take forever...whether it's the project itself... OR... because it took so long for me to finish!!

Now...this my friends... is a gorgeous picture! 
 Hubba... Hubba!!  No more needs to be said!  Yowser!!

I've always wanted one of these dress forms... and it seems the older it is and looks - the better for me!  I've asked this questions before... "why in the heck do they cost so much"?  It's just NOT FAIR!!!

This bag is so attractive to me.  Now... I must admit.. I'm not a fan of (what appears to be) the small opening at the top.  I'm a gal that wants her bags to open BIG and WIDE so I can find things easy!  Especially my stinkin' keys.  I swear... I can toss them into my bag and in a nano-second they have found their way to the bottom... and hiding under something!  What's up with that?  My mind is working, and working.... and working... on an improved design that I think I just might have to make!  I think I may have to make mine from blue ticking... I even have some awesome trim for it!!! hhhmmm....

Heeee Heeee.... isn't this adorable.  He's got him a mouse!!!!

Now...this is one talented puppy dog!  So funny... he looks like he's smiling with a mouth full of yellow teeth!!  hahahahahahaha!

Well... I just told Lexie we would go to Denny's this morning for breakfast.  I'm not sure why...but she loves that place... Go figure!  She's jumping all over the place with excitement... it's pancake time!

Yumalicious!!!  I'm off to the shower, get dressed... and headin' for Denny's..!

Have a great Monday... we'll chat tomorrow! 


p.s.  My granddaughter may have her baby "Aubrey" today!!  She's being induced!!!

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