Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8, 2012 - Friday

Happy Birthday to my Toby!!!  Toby is my oldest and he lives here in Jacksonville - off Beach Blvd... He and his wonderful, sweet wife Dayle have been married for around 17 years.. (maybe longer).  Toby owns his own tile business.... he does all types of work - but seems to specialize in home remodeling.  Vicky's two boys (Lane and Peter) also have their own tile companies... Peter does tons of commercial work and Lane does construction!  Isn't that great... they each have a different part of the tile business.  This has worked out great since the economy has taken a dive.  Now that new construction is pretty limited and the commercial market has pretty much tanked - the home improvement has gone wild.

They are all helping Toby now... to keep up!  Especially since he BROKE HIS LEG!

Keep up the good work guys... we all love you!  You should see the work they do... it's simply unbelievable!!!  Toby has done tons of jobs for my friends and they love him... of course...what's not to love!  He's my cutie patootie!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOBY... Mom and Dad LOVE YOU!  (I'll call him later...)

Today is catch up on paperwork, and then pack up to sew at Cinnamon's - it's our Friday Night Sewcial!!  My friend Merryanne and I are going to make these adorable caddies you carry your travel iron in.  Then you untie it and it lays flat for your ironing surface!  They are adorable.  I saw one of the gals at our last Camp Blanding Retreat work on one and I had to have it.  I hate when you are packing up to leave a class or retreat and you have to remember to turn your iron off in plenty of time for it to cool off.  Well... no longer...!!  I'll take a picture and post it for you.  I'm sure Karen will be carrying the pattern in the store (Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe).


You know... my all time favorite quilts are.. BLUE & WHITE... take a look at this bedroom!!

There is nothing more crisp and clean than a blue and white quilt.... especially one that is made with small pieces.  I could just crawl in that bed... with the window wide open..smelling the fresh cool morning air.. aaaahhhhh... love it!

Then... I think I may have posted this sweet thing before.. but it warranted another debut!

I just love patch quilts and this one is the cream of the crop!  What a beautiful quilt and a great way to use up your scraps.!!  I simply MUST make one of these!  Oh what the heck... add it to my list of "To Make" !!


I don't know about  you... but I LOVE this Barbie dress... and those pink gloves are absolutely perfect.  Why is it we girls still like dolls????  That's a question I'm asking God when I get to Heaven!  I can't wait to hear his answer!!  HA!!


Here is another adorable way to keep that hair from hanging in your face... aren't these twisted bangs adorable?  I wish I had long hair so I could do some of these great styles... I'll just have to settle for Heather and Lexie being my models!


Now... this my friends is an EGG BASKET.  Wow.. .these are NOT easy to make... and the original picture showed it as a HUGE egg basket.  I sure would like it!!!! 


You know... I've never Modged Podged a thing in my life... but I'm thinking I must give it a try one of these days.  Look at these adorable buckets they made with maps!  how cute is that... you could use any type of paper product you fall in love with.  Even newspaper would be wonderful!!

This would be fun to make with sewing paper covering the pail...then keep it on your cutting counter to throw your little scraps in when cutting out a quilt.


Then... I saw how they refinished this beautiful dresser.  I'll bet it was really ugly before this paint job.  I've seen some very ICKY ones at auctions.  But with the two different colors of paint... this one turned out so feminine and pretty.  I love how they coordinated the color of the pull handles with the accent paint color!!  Have I told you how much I HATE to paint?  Yep... it's not for me.  I will do it when forced... but it's not on one of those lists of warm and fuzzy favorites for me!  I especially HATE painting walls.  I'll just "write a check" for the labor!  Plus...all that pre-taping you have to do..... YACK!!!  I'd rather go to the dentist!!


Last but not least is my favorite photo of the day yesterday on Pinterest...  This sweet little girl reminds me of Jack's younger sister.  She used to look just like this!  (Linda - she lives in Indiana)  I sure wish she and her hubby and boys lived here.... they are such a great family and I miss not being around them!!

mmmm..... I smell breakfast cooking!!  Yea for Jack!  He cooks breakfast every morning...what a great hubby!  Me... I'm happy with a banana or a bowl of cereal...but he likes oatmeal, or eggs, or pancakes..... YUM!!!

Everyone have a great weekend.... get lots of sewing done!  I'm planning on it... however, we all know how that goes sometimes!

Chat with you on Monday!

Hugs to all.......... Gloria

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