Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 7 - 2012 - Thursday

aaahhhh..... the wonderful morning sound of rain!  I love to hear it rain...don't you?  We need it so bad here in Jacksonville... I think this is supposed to last all day long and I'm a "happy" girl about that.

Today... I'm going to sew at Cinnamon's.... YIPPPPEEE!!!!  I'm just one of those people that have to be around people... know what I mean?  I just can't stay home day after day and not leave the house for some different atmosphere.  I know some of my friends... they LOVE to stay home all of the time... NOT ME.. just can't do it.  I suppose it's because I've been an "out and about" working girl since I was 16 and it's just simply in my blood!

I'm doing laundry this morning and as soon as I'm done blogging... I'm putting a yummy corned beef in the crock pot!  Have you ever fixed one in the crock pot?  Well...let me tell's pretty darn wonderful... add some onion, carrots, potatoes and cabbage!!!  OMG!!!  It makes the house smell so darn good too.  Jack will love it... he loves my corned beef... oh what am I saying... he loves food.  It's so wonderful to have a hubby that isn't a picky eater.  Last night I fixed a HUGE tossed salad with baby spinach, mixed greens, cranberries, blue cheese, feta, and Parmesan shavings... then cooked some shrimp in the broiler with olive oil and garlic salt. Threw them in the salad with a yummy dressing... OMG.. it was so good.  Oh yes.. I added those baked pita chips... they were pretty delicious for the salty crunch you need in a salad!

This domestic stuff is killing me.... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Hey.. look what's up for today....

I found another adorable hairstyle for long hair.... isn't this adorable>  I can just see ONE of these on the back of Lexie's head.  It would be sweet for little girls that are in ballet too... wouldn't it?  I'll have to practice and see if we can make this happen!!


 I wanted to show you some stitches on wool.  I think this is a great idea for the stems that we use when we are working on our wool projects.  I love the X stitch on the stem and then used down the leaf for the vein!!  How simply wonderful!  It's so great to try new stitches... I must admit... I'm stuck on the same one all of the time.  I have wonderful stitching (laminated) cards that I need to dig out and put in my wool applique sewing box.  If I have them handy... I'm sure they will motivate me to try something new.  You can always try the stitch... if you don't like it after a short distance... simply pull it out!!


Look at this cute idea.....  You know those little punches you can buy that are in different shapes?  Well.. .simply punch a few of them in painters tape.. place on your nail and polish!  How clever!!


I Love this sweet lamp.... it's a bowl, 2 tea pots, a plate and a cup and saucer!  You can find the techniques for drilling through glass on the Internet.. plus you can buy lamp kits at Home Depot or Lowes.  Soon... you can be the proud owner of an adorable lamp just like this one.  I think it's so sweet... PLUS shopping for the cute tea pots and bowls is so much fun!!


Okay.... just as a note... MY DRYER IS MAKING A TERRIBLE NOISE!! 

OMG!!!!  It sounds like there is a human being inside that is being tortured. 

Jack seems to think the belt is going out... HURRY CLOTHES.... DRY... DRY.. DRY!! 



Now... This idea is simply wonderful... and I can think of a million and one ways to use it!! 

How about giving everyone at a wedding shower a plate and market... write words of sweetness or something the couple will love. OR...

A birthday plate for your children... one for each year... then when they leave home.. give them as a gift!!  OR...

Sweet drawings by your children... then give to Grandma and Grandpa for a present....

It's endless!!  Here is all you do - use a ceramic plate with a permanent sharpie... once the message has been written - bake in a 150 degree oven for 30 minutes.  HOW COOL IS THIS???

HHHMMMM.... I just had a cool thought... how cute would it be to make MUGS for the BAAAAD Girls Club.... tee hee... I think I'll be checking out the dollar store for this project!!


Now.. this I'm going to do with my sewing machine cabinet... you know when you open the top and it lays open???  Well... the support arm on mine is not functioning like it should... so I have it half way working.  I'm going to measure the distance between it and my floor and then see if a base cabinet unit (from Home Depot or Lowes) ... one with LOTS of drawers will fit under it! 

We NEVER have enough storage space...and those little tiny drawers they give you in the sewing cabinets hold only tiny little things.  Oh... yea... I'm so excited about this... be right back... I just have to measure RIGHT NOW..... 

I'm back... of course.. you can never find a tape measure when you want one... I got one from the garage.  I think it will work... 29 H x 20 S x 25 1/2 L    I'm going to check out the website for Lowes and see what the bases measure!  Then I can paint it to match my studio!!  If my studio were large enough for a work table like this... I'd have them under there too!!! 


Here's your sweet picture of the day... don't you just love the eyes?  He's saying... "Honest... I'm not sure how this watermelon got in my mouth....!"   hahahahahahaha!  Sweet Thing!

Just as an FYI... the dryer is still in misery.... Jack said.. let's get this load dried...then I'll call and have someone come put on a new belt!  Whew!  Thank God he's taking care of it... I hate dealing with that kind of stuff!  Don't you?  I never know if they are telling me the truth... or trying to rip me off!

Okay... it's still pouring rain... I'm signing off... Lexie will be here soon... this is her last day.  Heather comes home from her classes in Daytona.  I sure hope she had a great time.  She loves photography and is SO GOOD at it... of course... I'm a little partial.... you know what I mean...

Chat with you tomorrow...


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