Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012 - MONDAY

Well... that weekend sure went fast!!  I was very productive...well at least on Saturday - NOT so much on Sunday.  I had a case of "lazi-itis" and didn't do much of anything!  Soooo... I must get busy today.

It's just simply.... without a doubt... time to clean house!  I HATE CLEANING HOUSE!  Jack is out and about on some errands - Lexie is with us this week during the day - sooooooooooo... .while she is watching her favorite shows and playing... I thought it best to get busy.  She loves to help - so that's pretty wonderful.  Of course the attention span is pretty quick so we pick out the small easy jobs for her.

Look what I made on Saturday!!!   It's a wool "thimble holder"!!  It's very small and can attach to your sewing basket!  The front is blue wool and the back is a blue print.  I've attached a small wool flower (pearl in the center) with some greenery.  It was pretty fast to design and didn't take long to stitch.  I will be making it into a pattern... and making a second sample.. more primitive.  I think I'll use some plaid or hounds tooth wool for the second one.

I gave one of my clasps to my friend, Jan Vaine.  I just knew she would love designing a thimble case with all of her beautiful ribbon work she does.  Maybe she can teach it at her applique university!!  Can't wait to see her creation!


One of the things I love is to find cute ways of packaging that doesn't cost a fortune.  You know... as I've gotten older - I find some things we spend money on are just not required... for instance - expensive wrapping paper!  Just think about it... we pay all that money.. for a little tiny piece (I bet if we calculated it out - it would be 40 times more expensive than fabric...ICK!!) that we tape around a package.  Then in a nano-second it's ripped to shreds - never to be seen again!  HA!  Aren't we silly people. 

By the way... if you use all of your discarded wrapping paper (like at Christmas) and feed it through a shredder - it makes super packaging material for fragile items!  Plus it's very colorful.

Well... anyway...back to the picture below.  How sweet - simple white envelopes tied with jute with an added candy cane.  It would even look prettier to tuck a sweet piece of REAL evergreen (from your trees outside) under the jute!  You can even write on the bag - no need to purchase tags.


Isn't this a sweet Bible marker?  It has scripture words wrapped around the spool.  Well... I've thought of another cute thing to make from all of my "zillion" spools I own.  Can't tell you what it is at the moment... it's a surprise.  But you will see it soon on my blog!!


I sure wish I would have kept one of these artillery baskets when I had my store.  They are so darn awesome.  I could just kick myself.  The entire basket is wicker with canvas side handles.  They used to house artillery shells in them!  Can you believe that.  If you find one for under $100.00.  Buy it!  They are fabulous above dressers like this one, on your front door, above your fireplace.  Fill them with different silks and foliage for the season.  Heather used to make gorgeous arrangements at the OGC!!  Waaaahhhhhhh (I'm still crying 'cause I don't have one!)


When I saw these flowers I instantly thought of my friend Cheri!!  She used to live here in Jax and worked at the OGC for me.  She was my pure "primitive" friend!!  OMG how she loved it.  And... blue enamel was her all time favorite.  She had some gorgeous pieces.  We used to call this color "Cheri Blue".  She also loves to work in her  yard... this is her planter... don't you think?  I'm calling it "Cheri's Posies" !!  Love you Cheri and I sure do miss you (she moved to Georgia).

Hey... look at this sweet little fellow.  There is just something wonderful about baby pigs.  They grow up to be so ugly... but when they are tiny...
 I just want to squeeze them to death (not truly...)!!
Have you ever seen such a pink nose??? 


And my last photo of the day is this sweet little angel!  Isn't this adorable?  How innocent and sweet!  She's watching over the tree to keep it safe for Christmas morning.


I must get ready for my Lexie..   Heather won a scholarship to attend some wonderful photography classes in Daytona.  So... Daddy, Grandpa and I are on duty!!!

Chat with you's time to get a shower and dig out the cleaning supplies.  (I sure would love a cleaning lady.....NOT...that would be ME!)

Later chickies...  Gloria

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