Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012 - Monday

Help me.... I'm drowning!!!

Wow... in case you've been living in a cave and haven't seen the weather conditions in Florida... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!  I've never seen so much rain in my life!  Debby GO HOME!! (wherever that may be...just out of Florida!)

Did you notice that Thursday I didn't get to post?  Well... a gremlin attached my hard drive and I had my on-line computing service company getting it OUT of there!  I couldn't do anything.... don't you hate those kind?  However, with their magic it's all cleaned up!  I tell you what... I love this company -  You purchase a 1-3 year program... and ANY thing that you need help with on your computer.. you call them.. they have you do a few things to help them get signed on... they take over your computer... and fix it all!  It's simply wonderful!

We did all make it to our Girls Retreat!  I have 3 GREAT friends that work on the Camp Blanding base and they love to sew and quilt.  They are new to this whole thing so a couple times a year we all get together and sew and we teach them new things.  They are all SO FUNNY and I simply LOVE THEM ALL TO DEATH!!  There is NEVER a dull moment when they are all together! 

Paula and Maryellen came too!  Paula and Cynthia (girlfriends from Texas) flew in from Texas... and Maryellen drove over from the Tampa area.  Say HI to them!!

They are so funny... when we all get together they laugh about all the tables and room they need!  They LOVE lots of space.  We told them we were going to have to charge them more $$ for the space they took.  hahahahaha!  See the window in the back?  Well... we got to watch grey rainy clouds the whole time we were sewing!  Lovely...but on the brighter side.... what better thing to be doing when it's raining than sewing?

Here is my sweet Heather and her best high school buddy KIM.... They are such nuts together!!  I'm sure you can just imagine if you've been around Heather!!  Kim is the mommy of twins (boy and girl) that are now 3 years old.  She deserved a weekend break.  Plus she got to visit with her mommy that lives in Middleburg and SLEEP.  10 - 11 hours each night!  What a treat for her.  She made the cutest clothes for her little girl - Bella!  And... and adorable frog pillow for Luke!!


We all had to say our goodbyes on Sunday... sniffle... I hate it when everyone has to leave and go home!  NOT GOOD!!

Thanks to Wynette, Barbara, Diane, and Donna (she left us for a vacation in Washingon DC) for putting up with all of us.  WE HAD A GREAT TIME!


Today is another busy day for me.... I'm washing, packing, going to the bank, getting toes done.... because tomorrow I'm taking 13 girls with me to Wisconsin to Primitive Gatherings Retreat!!

What fun this will be... I can't wait to get behind that 15 passenger van (I get to drive) and haul our fannies around the state on a fun Quilt Trip Shop Hop!  Oh...that reminds me.. I need to email the shop owners and let them know we are coming!  Plus some gals from Primitive Gatherings are going with us!  Those poor shop owners won't know what hit them if I don't!!!  They'll think they are being invaded!'s the schedule... we leave with the chickens in the NO BLOG POST... then when we get to Wisconsin... I should be able to take photos and share them with you...they now have WIFI at the that should be fun. 

While I'm gone... I sure hope it dries up here!!! 

That's all for today gang... so sorry!!! Gotta get moving...then it's lunch with Jack and on to Cinnamon's to drop off my Baaaad Girls Club projects for Karen !!!

Chat with you on Wednesday morning... if we're not swimming to the Ark by then!

Have a happy and keep on sewing!!!


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