Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15, 2012 - Friday

How was your trip down memory lane?  Did you laugh... did you get a little teary eyed remembering fun times (I sure did).  Today I have more for you... then I get to scoop off my cutting counter and cut out a NEW quilt... I'm making for a sample for Cinnamon's.  It's an adorable Christmas Quilt from Primitive Gatherings.  It's just wonderful and I can't wait to get started with the piecing portion of it.  My wool applique is all finished (with the exception of some extra stuff that I have to add after the quilting is finished).  Here it is!!!!  I'm going to be making a ton of half square triangles... Don't you just love this?  I'm so excited!!!  Thanks Lisa for making this adorable quilt!!  You're the bomb!!! (that's Lisa Bongean - from Primitive Gatherings)  p.s.  See you in just 12 DAYS!!!  (I'm taking a group of gals to her retreat house... 14 of us!)

Ok.. here we go down memory lane...

SHORTHAND!!!  Did any of you take this in high school?  Vicky and I did...we loved it.  We would practice and practice so we could be faster with our dictation!  Then you had to read the silly stuff and type it into a letter.  You know... I still remember a ton of it!!  I even remember how to write my name in shorthand!!

Oh My...this brings back tears to my eyes.  Jack and I used to eat at Shoneys when we were dating.  I can remember the first time there... like it was yesterday... he ordered a Big Boy, fries, chocolate shake... then he had that wonderful strawberry pie...remember it?  I had the hot fudge ice cream cake (oh my gosh ... it was so good)  THEN... he was still HUNGRY and ordered a Buddy Boy - you know ... the one with the hot ham and cheese?  I can remember this guy eats alot... and he was as skinny as a rail.  I do believe his waist was a 29 at that time....hahahahaha....

BUGLES!!!  I still love them to this day... and you know what...we used to put them on our fingers...just like this!  We would pretend we were CATS!!!!!  They are sssssoooooo good dipped in Ranch Dressing... YUM! (I think my tummy just growled....)

Here is the popular "Friendship Bracelet"... the one you always wanted to wear that was your boyfriends!!!  Did you all do that too?  Then... remember when you got to wear their class ring??? Of course it was WAY TOO BIG... so we wrapped them all the way around in Angora ????  Are you with me?  I tried to find a photo of one on the Internet... but no luck!

Ha!!!  I remember our phone in the didn't even have a dial on it.  When  you picked it up the operator would answer!  Guess what... I still remember the phone number !  2135W 

It was a party line and the neighbor lady up the road... she would always pick up and listen to your conversations!  Mom... she knew who she was... so when she heard the phone click...she would say - "Betty... hang up the phone!"  hahahahahahaha!!!

Now...this is delicious!  Can you tell what it is from the picture?  If's FRIED BOLOGNA!!  i LOVE IT TO THIS DAY.... and even make it once in awhile.  It's so good on FRESH white bread with mayonnaise!  YUM YUM!!!  (there goes my tummy growling again...)

A couple more....

Did you ever get one of these tablets?  We loved them!  Grandma Grunawalt - every year for Christmas would buy all 3 of us girls one of these... along with some new pencils and a coloring book.  Then she would bake us a cake - called - Poor Man's Cake.  It was in a bundt pan...and was dark in color - had one cup of cold coffee and raisins in it.  We LOVED that cake!  She never had the recipe...she knew it by heart and to this day... I still DO NOT know how to make it.  It was so good... thanks Grandma for the sweet memories.  She left us at the age of 98 !!

Okay... now these candy lipsticks left a scar on my childhood.  I remember finding a broken one on the floor in the dime store (Schultz 5 & 10) one Saturday on our trip to town.  I put it in my pocket and was playing with it when I got home.  MOM had a fit... she told me it wasn't right to steal!  I tried to explain it was broken (cracked and falling apart) on the floor... she didn't care and would have it no other way than to haul my silly little butt back into town.  There she made me promptly apologize to the old man that ran the store (he was pretty scary I remember)!  I cried all the way home.  However, I NEVER took another thing in my life.... well.... that's not a true statement... we used to sneak cigarettes from Grandma Rawleys pack - unfiltered Lucky Strikes - and try to smoke them in the basement of their lake house.  Wow...were those things disgusting!  Of course we got caught...but she never told Mom... whew!!  Grandmas are great aren't they?

And my last photo for you today... is my all time favorite show (when I was a kid)... Shirley Temple movies.  I just thought she was wonderful... I wanted to be like her so much!  She got to sing, dance and have fun... I must try to find some of these movies and see if my little Eden and Lexie would like to watch them.  You never know...they may fall in love with her too..

Well... the weekend is upon us and I'm hoping you have fun, fun things planned for you and your family.  We're taking Jack to Carrabba's for Father's Day!!  OMG I love that's so darn good!  I haven't been there in ages so we're looking forward to it.

Have a great weekend... I'll see you on Monday... and GUESS WHAT?  I didn't get through all of my "memory" photos so I'll have some more for you.

Take care... keep sewing!!!


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