Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13, 2012 - Wednesday

Wow...what a fun day for me...!!  My Dayle, Eden, Elizibeth, Heather and Lexie will be with us today... we are cooking lunch together!!  I believe we are having home made calzones and mini pizzas.  I have a calzone press and Dayle loves to make them.  Doesn't that sound good?

I found some fun things to chat about today and they are all over the place...nothing seems to go together... but what the heck...who cares...right?

I thought this was so darn cute!!!  This is ice in a punch bowl at a Halloween Party!!!  Wouldn't it be cool to have one of those plastic spider rings on the ring finger?  HA!!!  They froze water in a surgical glove... then peeled off the glove and put it in the punch bowl.  Too Funny!!!!! It's surely a fun conversation piece while standing around the punch bowl!

I thought this was so cute.... Purchase one of those inexpensive styrofoam  pumpkins from the craft store... either use the plastic stick on letters (that's what I vote for) or if... you're really good... you can draw and paint them on... then top it with a sweet bow!  So cute sitting on your porch during the fall season! 

I'll tell you what... it's just unbelievable how beautiful the plants and flowers are in this world... don't you think?  I'm not sure what this plant is... but it's breath taking.... It looks like the cactus family...almost like an aloe plant... not sure.  I do know that from the looks of the prickly ends... I wouldn't want to fall on top of it.  Just so gorgeous!

I burst out laughing when I saw this picture.  This is a roller coaster in Japan!  Yes... you are looking at it's going under water!  I tried to find out more information on it... but the posting wouldn't let me go any further.  My friend, Cathy.... she would love this.  She's one of those crazy gals that LOVES roller coasters!  NOT ME... NO WAY!!  Can you imagine the rush in your body when you see yourself heading for the water.  OMG!!  I could just "up chuck" looking at this!

Hey Cathy... you need to put this on your "Bucket List" !!!!

Another flower that I think is simply beautiful is the hydrangea... I especially love the cone shaped ones.  Aren't these beautiful?  I remember when we sold the gorgeous silk ones in the store.. people loved them.  I wish I had some growing in my yard... I don't even care what color they are... I love all of them.  This is one of those items that I wish I would have purchased from the OGC!  Rats!!

What a cutie of an idea for the holiday!  These little name tag holders are made from candy canes and tied with a ribbon.  They have used glue to make them say together (the kind that dries clear).  This would be cute too... .with tags for a buffet - so people know what is in each dish!   It looks like there are 2 candy canes...there are 3... can you see the one in the back?  Don't forget that one so they will sit upright better.

p.s.  if you use glue to secure them together...make sure you tell your guests to NOT eat them.

I thought this was a sweet, sweet idea too.  They have taken regular "peel and pop" biscuits (from a can) and cut them in half.  They've typed sweet "I'm Thankful For" messages on small slips of paper and inserted them in between each piece of dough... then bake as instructed.  Be sure you tell your guests to check INSIDE their biscuit before eating.  They'll see your message to them!

Wow.. you cold use this idea for tons of different events... don't you think?  Let your mind wander... let me know what you come up with.

I remember one time when I worked for Barnett Bank in the Training Dept.  Our manager, Judy had us all for a department luncheon... they brought out all types of desserts for us...including Fortune Cookies.  She had our names on each one... which I thought was a bit strange.  When we gradually each began to open them... we read our message... and the looks on all of our faces was priceless!!!  Everyone in the department had been promoted or had been given extra vacation days... It was so wonderful.  I'll never forget opening mine and it read ... something like... Congratulations !  Due to all of your hard work and dedication to Barnett Bank, you have been promoted to Assistant Vice President!  Wow... I can still remember that day like it was yesterday!  Thanks Judy... LOVE YOU!


Ha...ha...ha.... Now how cute is this?  Wow.. .either they are great friends or this is ONE DUMB BIRD!!!  I remember our bird like this when we were kids... his name was "Ricky".  We would let him fly around the house in the evenings.. .he loved it... especially the kitchen floor.  It was linoleum...with small specks on it.  He would peck at that thing forever thinking it was food.  It's a wonder he had a beak left... and I'm sure he had one HECK of a HEAD ACHE.  I loved Ricky... he even talked.. especially to our dog - Peggy.  He would scream... Here Peggy... here Peggy... she would come running to the cage...then he would scream... Get Lost... Get Lost... and she would run away.  I remember mom having to cover him up with a towel so he would shut up!  They were pals!

I'm off to start my day....  Have a great one... I'll have a calzone for you!  YUM!!!  Lots of cheese....


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