Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 12, 2012 - Tuesday

Fun day today...sewing with Merryanne!  I'm soooooo trying to get projects done... but just like all of us ... new things crop up and before you know it... I'm behind!  Story of my life.

I've been playing on the computer so I'm a little late in my posting... so I'll type fast!!!

Ok...this... I would love to put this in my ear... and run my legs off!  But... gals...that is just not going to happen... not ever...ever!!!  So... my thoughts are... do you think if I listen to this while I'm sewing... keep tightening those butt muscles... breath from my diaphragm - deeply.... that I will loose weight????  Whatcha think????  Work with me here!!!  There's got to be a way to get exercise other than pushing on the sewing machine pedal.  If you can think of another way... PLEASE SHARE!!

I love this idea for the candles.  Don't you just love candles?  I sure do... I rarely burn them though...odd don't you think?  Well... this corn sitting with these orange candles is perfect for this fall.  Can't you just see 3 (always odd numbers) of them at different heights - sitting inside a beautiful FALL wreath on your dining room table... of course...all that sitting on a beautiful fall table top that you've quilted.  Oh so PRETTY!!

Then... here we go..my LOVE - galvanized stuff (weird huh?)  I think this is an adorable way to have a cute planter in your yard.  How easy to clean out and replant with different flowers or foliage and not have to dig up the yard.!!  I think it's genius and I just may have to make one of these sweet things.  Wouldn't it look beautiful with poinsettias for the holidays??? Mixed with paper whites?? (love them too)

What a cute, cute way to decorate a window... especially in a little girls room.  What fun collecting feminine umbrellas and then simply hanging them on a curtain rod!  Leaving them open a bit helps to fill up any vacant space between the umbrellas!  So darn clever!!

I just love beautiful frames and they are simply UNREASONABLE in prices!  Here they took a simple frame and added a touch of carved molding to the top!  Then distressed it to look old.  I think they are gorgeous!  You can buy these molding pieces at your local Lowes or Home Depot.  They may even have them in craft stores... I haven't checked there.  Wouldn't this look OH SO CUTE with a photo of each granddaughter in one + my sweet great granddaughter that will be making her debut soon?

Jello Molds... LOVE THEM!!!  They have so many cool uses (besides jello... does anyone do that anymore?)  I'm going to start a small collection of them and use them with my wool pin cushions.  They just add so much to the design!!  I'm on the hunt for them in antique stores...so if you see any ... LEAVE THEM THERE FOR ME!!  hahahahahahaha!!!

And...this is my FUNNY picture for the day... this is a TRUE - peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwich!!  Isn't this a cool idea???  Such fun for the kids to make for themselves... although I must admit... I could do with a little less banana!!!  More peanut butter and jelly!... with that big glass of COLD milk.  YUM!!!  Of course... my friend Cathy...she would not like this... she hates PEANUT BUTTER!!!  (I told her she was a sick person... to NOT like peanut butter...tee hee!!)

Okay...it's off to the shower and get my sewing ready for today.  Hugs to all... hope you have a sweet, loving day!!!  Kiss your kids... and DON'T forget to tell them how much you love them!


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