Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012 - Monday

Yippee...another wonderful weekend was had by my honey and me!  The weather was the pits...but my dead yard is now GREEN!  Isn't it simply amazing what a bunch of rain can do for growing God's creations... !

Wow...what a busy week I have!  Today I have lots of orders to mail out, our (Vic and I) project to mail for the next issue of PRIMITIVE QUILTS & PROJECTS (so exciting...), work on my orange/black quilt, pay some bills... Then Tuesday I'm sewing with Merryanne, Wednesday my granddaughters and daughter-in-law will be here...we're cooking home made calzones for lunch, Thursday I'm sewing... Friday I may go to an auction and in between...working on my projects and new patterns.  Heck...I'm pooped already!  HA!!

I found some really cool ideas for being ... somewhat ... organized (as I look at the pile of stuff to put away, organize, or ... just do something with... sitting here in my office!!)

Isn't this clever?  If you don't want to mess with hanging things up (they never get hung back up do they?)  then take this old file cabinet - see how they have re-purposed it into this divided holder for your garage tools?  How about making one to hold yard toys... baseball bats, balls, etc.  They even added a small pegboard to both sides for more storage.  I thought it was so cool.  Just pop the drawers out, lay it on it's back and you're good to go.  It would even be pretty wonderful if you could attach it to those cheap dollies (that we move stuff with).... the ones with the wheels that lock??  Know what I mean?  That way if you decide to move it's location in the garage...simply unlock the wheels and push it to where it needs to go.

Hey... I just though of another use... my hubby used to have lots of wood in the garage... he could have stacked it in these dividers and keep it neater and easier for him to find the exact size he needed!  Heck... your hubbies may love this project!


Now...this is pretty clever too... use a tension rod to hang up your spray bottles under your sink.  Then a tub you can pull out and find stuff.  I HATE digging under the kitchen and bathroom sink... don't you?  Especially in the kitchen sink...I must admit.. we over buy supplies because they get tucked behind something else and we think we need more!  This could solve that issue!


Now...this I thought was darn clever... then... I thought of one more step.  You know how in the winter we are supposed to cover our water spickets on the house so they won't freeze (if it ever gets that cold here?).... Well... hang the bucket jut above the the hose is attached and always ready for watering.  Then then winter comes - remove the hose.... and turn the bucket the other direction after you have wrapped a towel around your faucet.  Now hang the bucket over the faucet to protect it from the weather!  Two problems solved into one!  Plus... can you see how they have used the inside of the bucket to hold other lawn items?  Cool beans!!!


What a super way to hang your scarves so they are pressed and ready to wear!  This hangar has shower curtain rings attached to it.  Then simply slip your scarf through the ring.  Nice and neat... easy to find the one you want for your outfit...rather than digging through a drawer - where they are now all wrinkled!  So clever!!!


This is a sweet - happy idea.  They have hung this jar by their kitchen window - by the kitchen sink.  She loves to fill it full of fresh flowers from the garden, store... or that her children have picked.  She can look at them while washing dishes and cooking meals... such a happy feeling!!

Just put a hook on the wall... find you an old pickle or mayonnaise jar - wrap some wire around it - make a look for the hangar and you're in business!

Children LOVE to pick flowers for their mommy or grandma...what a fun place to display them!


I love this idea for a laundry room...especially in a home with lots of family members.  This track system was installed and wire mesh baskets inserted... one for each member of the family.  You could even use color coordinated laundry baskets.  What a super idea... just have them grab their basket and take it to the bedroom.  Of course... the task of putting the clothes away is an issue...eeeekkk... then they STILL have to remember to bring the basket back to the laundry room when it's full of dirty clothes (if they happen to make it into the basket).... oh well... one baby step at a time!!  Right?

Favorite technique - project.... I love the addition of the sweet button look  on the cone flower and bud.  Can you see them... sporadically placed to make them look more natural!  What a sssswwweeeetttt idea... LOVE IT!  Hey... let's use REAL buttons!

Aren't we cute?????
We decided to have this sweet little birdhouse be our winter home!  To heck with living in a tree!!
How about some nuts...??? Do you have a few nuts for us??

Have a great Monday!!!!  Hope you had a great weekend too!

Chat with you tomorrow...


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