Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hi everyone!! was an early "rise and shine" day!  Whew... don't you hate it when you have one of those nights when you just can't get to sleep?  My legs were killing me last night...finally fell asleep around 1:30 then woke up at 4:30!!!  How weird is that?  I can feel that nap coming on today!

Did you watch American Idol last night?  Wow... these last 5 are workin' it aren't they?  I love this show... I just think it's great when we give young people the opportunity of their dreams.  It will be interesting to see who stays tonight!!  Here's my take on all of them...

Skylar - love her enthusiasm - love HER!  I think she has a shot at this... plus - she's fun on stage and REALLY wants to win.

Josh - He is fantastic - not my type of music... but wonderfully talented.  He's so laid back..doesn't act excited when they talk to him... so quiet... I don't know... does he want to win?

Phillip - I don't think he did well last night (personally)... I think he may be in trouble

Hollie - I love this girl...she can sing the phone book.  She's getting better at letting go and may have a shot at the final 3

Jessica - she sings great...just not my favorite.  Songs are too old for her...she just doesn't carry the fan base. 

My predictions for the final 3 - Skylar, Josh and Hollie !!!  Final two - Skylar and Josh

Let's see how I do... I've picked the winner EVERY TIME!  The next few weeks should tell!


Look at this funny picture!!!  HA!!!  This is what happens when you swallow too much BUBBLE GUM!!!  Isn't this a hoot?  !!! 


I love this idea (even though this photo is not too appetizing!).  You know sometimes when you get splinters that you JUST can't get out.... well... they are saying to make a paste from baking soda - place it on top of the splinter area - and cover with a band aid for a day...!  Your skin will puff up  - thus pushing the splinter to the top - easier to grab with tweezers.  Now I'm not sure if this works or not... but what the's worth a try!


One of the fun challenges I've given the gals in the B-a-a-a-d Girls Club is to make a cover for a small notebook I've given them!  We're going to put them on display and THEY will vote for the one they all like the best.  The winner is getting a surprise!!!  Take a look at this sweet thing I just found on Pinterest.  Isn't it adorable.  You MUST love birds and their sweet cute!


Look what my sister sent me!!  It's a cool way to do your connecting corners on your blocks - WITHOUT - DRAWING A LINE!!  Place a piece of tape (painters tape works great) from the needle position out - onto your acrylic table - or your sewing machine cabinet.  Place your square as shown below - being sure to match the point of the corner closest to you to the edge of the tape.  As you sew your LINE - KEEP YOUR EYES ON THIS AREA  -  NOT on the needle.  Follow that point the entire distance through the needle and you will have a perfect line EACH TIME!  Do you know how much time this saves you when piecing a quilt?  OMG!!!  I use this method all the time.  I have a line drawn (permanent market) on my acrylic table.


Hey.. look... remember the cabinet yesterday?  This one is covered all the way around with fabric!  Now I must admit...this is pretty darn ambitious... too much for me!  I can honestly say that I would not have the patience to do this.  I just know myself... nope... not for me.  However, I do think it's adorable.  I think I would rather spray paint the outside an adorable matching color and just cover the front panels.  That's more my speed!


Look at this cute, cute snowman!  He's made from different size fish tanks.  This would be fun to make with your kids...dont' you think?  What a great idea for a display piece in a PET STORE!!  If you know of anyone that works in one....print this photo and take into them.  What  a fun conversation piece when you walk into the store and see this!  BETTER YET... make an entire front window from these sweet things...sitting in fake snow... maybe with a snow machine going overhead? 


I found a site that helps with keeping foods fresh once you have them home from the grocery!!

They say if you separate the bananas when you get them home (from each other) it slows down the ripening process. Do they last that long in your house?  Not in mine!  Of course we may only buy 3-4 at a time too!!

Then we have the lettuce.....

Wash and let drain - then wrap in plain white paper towels and place in the crisper section of your refrigerator.  It will last twice as long from leaving it in the plastic wrap!!!  So Cool!!


Then...let's talk ice cream !!!  If you happen to have a freezer that LOVES to  put freezer burn on your ice cream (I burst out laughing on this one...they surely don't have a JACK living in their house...he can put away some ice cream) - here's the trick.  After you've opened it the first time (and assuming you have some ice cream left in the container) place a piece of saran wrap tightly over the top of the ice cream..lay it right on top of it.  Then seal with your lid.  This is supposed to prevent freezer burn. (not that I've ever seen any freezer burn on ANY ice cream in MY freezer...ha!  It just doesn't last that long...get my drift...)

Okay...those are my FUN things for the day.  I'm sewing with the girls today... then tomorrow I'm packing my suitcase and will be heading to the Sarasota area!!  I'm helping Maryellen (Red Crinoline Quilts) and Paula with their new Block of the Month shop kits.  We are cutting, folding, and preparing for the orders they will receive at market in just a couple weeks.  It's beautiful.... made with Paula's new line of fabric.  For those of you that were at our last Camp Blanding Retreat... it's the one they had on the design wall... GORGEOUS!!!

So... needless to say... for the NEXT week...there will be no posting from me!  Sorry... I'm on their time and I'm all in with working... so you'll get a break from me for awhile!!!

Chat with you tomorrow....


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