Friday, May 4, 2012

May 4, 2012 - Friday

YIPPEE!!!!  It's Friday (for those of you that have to work...). 

I must admit... I did not want to get out of bed this morning.  As a matter of fact... I could crawl right back under those covers again!  I've been feeling like a little cocoon lately... hhhmmmm wonder why?  Hey... I found something I LOVE on my postings. 

Have you noticed how much our "likes" and "dislikes" change over the years?  It's amazing to me!!   Ha!! 

I've discovered I LOVE the look of denim, lace and bling-bling!  Take a peek!!!

What do you think.... a bit much?  Too "movie star-ish" look?  I need the long flowing blond hair now... you know... to complete the look!  HA!  That's NOT happening - for sure! 

Love this one too!  The greatest thing about this jewelry.... it's NOT expensive!  Now...don't get me wrong... I especially LOVE the antique pieces.  However, the NEW costume jewelry they have in the store today... is fabulous.

Then... check out this awesome scarf!  Can you believe this is hand-made????  Oh what talent!!!  It's so "girlie"... don't you think?  I'm thinking I will especially LOVE IT when I'm skinnier!!!  (Oh what a long process the "skinny" part is taking....!)

I just think it may be the NEW ME!!!!!  A great goal to work towards.

I just checked out e-bay and you can get this jewelry - VERY REASONABLE!!!


Okayyyyyy.... jumping completely OFF track now... look at this display!!

I simply LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these plaid lunch boxes.  I did a little exploring on the Internet...these are from the late 50's - early 60's and they can sell anywhere from $10 to $100.00 a piece...depending on their condition!  Can you believe that.  Look how they have taken this simple lunch box and made it into an adorable Christmas display.  Here is another item I have on my "Antique" - LOOK FOR & BUY list that I keep on my phone! 

My list is getting huge.  At this rate I won't get out of an antique store for a week!!!  What's a girl to do?????


Do any of you have those electric wax melters?  Here's a trick... once you have a scented candle that has almost "left this world" - remove the wick and chop it up.. .place the pieces in a PLASTIC ice cube tray.  When you get enough in all of the slots - pop it in the microwave on LOW and melt the leftover wax into cubes.  Then...the next time you need to fill your electric melter with scented wax beads - use these instead!  NO WASTE!!!  How stinkin' clever is that?


You see this horse?  Well... I'm just here to tell you... I WANT IT!  I simply LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to decorate with primitive antiques such as this!  It makes my heart beat really, really fast.  Then to top it off with the antique tool carrier... WOW.  I would love to have it full of antique ornaments and some red berries with the greenery!  LOVE IT!!! 


Look at this sweet little toy!!  This looks just like something my Heather would love to put with her Mohair bears and bunnies.  She likes to have the Mohair critter with a small antique!  This would be perfect....

See.... here are three of her creations!!!

They are so adorable !!!!!  What a talented girl she is!  You can see all of her creations on her web site.... click at the top and look in the "Gallery" !! 


Okay...the washer needs to be unloaded and the dryer too!!  (have I told you how much I hate to do laundry????)

Then it's off to my sewing machine.  I've made a commitment to sit at the machine at least 1-2 hours a day... then move into my hand projects.  So much to do.... will I ever accomplish all of my projects?  Oh...who's the "trip" that is the fun!! all...!!

Remember...I'll be out of the loop next week... off to Sarasota for some cuttin', foldin', labelin', and packagin' NEW SHOP kits for

Red Crinoline Quilts new BOM


This is a computer generated picture... I'll take a REAL picture when I go to market later this month!  It's simply awesome...the rich reds, deep blues... warm tans!!!  You're gonna love it!

I'll take photos of the "kit processing" for you... it's amazing!  When we add up all the yardage for all of the makes your head spin!!!

Happy sewing!


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