Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31, 2012 - Thursday

Wow... what an ending to our long TV watching of Prison Break.  I can tell you this... I've NEVER seen such a show!  I can't remember when a TV show would keep me awake on and off during the night because I couldn't wait to see the next episode.  If your spouses/dads/boyfriends love shows with lots of action, twists and turns, this is a great gift for them.  You can get all of the CDs on - 4 seasons PLUS the final episode.  I can't even begin to tell you how many CDs there are and about 4 hours of watching on each CD!!!  Ok...enough of that... (but I'm tellin' ya... it's awesome!)

Today is a busy day!!  We are having breakfast with some friends - then I'm heading to Cinnamon's for a sewing day.  Then I'm meeting one of my girlfriends for a movie tonight!!  Whew... no grass is growing under my "tush" today!  Ha... not like this past week where I've sat on my but in front of the boob-tube. 

I MUST GET BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at what I found!!!  I just loved these stone designs... wouldn't they look so beautiful in your garden?  The white one must have taken forever to make.  Of course... the first time you had a torrential rain storm...they may both float away... but I loved them.  Isn't it so wonderful that someone can take something from nature as simple as a stone and make it into a beautiful design?  I'll tell you - I'm amazed every day at how talented people are... sometimes my jaw drops and I'm simply speechless (which is pretty unusual for me!)

Then... here is something totally opposite from the stones!  Look at this lovely piece of jewelry for your "tootsies".  Now... I must admit... I would probably NEVER wear this - but I thought it was so pretty.  Of has pearls in it!  (I love jewelry with pearls, sterling silver, and rhinestones)


Okay... I saw this display and it's designed for those homes WITHOUT fireplaces!  BUT... it would still look cute hanging above a fireplace - as the main art piece!  After the stockings are gone - hang pretty photos from ribbons, old fashioned women's hats, artwork, wreaths.  What a different idea and so much easier than trying to pound nails into the wall to make a sweet vignette! 


I loved how they took this sweet dresser and covered the drawer fronts.  It could be with the same fabric as the curtains... or how about matching the quilt on the bed?  LOVE IT!!!  PLUS... it's so easy to change if you redesign the room!


I have to show you this great pillow.  My girlfriend, Marti, well..... she loves this pillow.  We found the website where it originated... but it wasn't actually a pattern.  It was a finished product and it looks like it is no longer available....  Boo Hoo!!!


Here's another sweet embroidery pattern for you.  I love the two little birds at the top!!!

They kind of look like they are mad at everyone! 

Hey... I want you to check something out.  Next time you are outside and you see a BUNCH of birds on a telephone line... look and see if they are all facing the same direction!  I know... I know... this seems crazy... but in almost EVERY instance... they are!  I wonder why??


Isn't this funny?  they must be buddies because neither one of them looks afraid or "hissy" at each other!  Too cute!!!

Have a great day.... keep sewing and dreaming!!


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