Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012 - Wednesday

We're going out today!!!  Yippee!!!  The sun is shining...after all of this rain... the grass should be such a pretty green!  I feel like I've been cooped up for a year!  hahahahahaha! (not really)

We have groceries to buy, movies to return... sounds like a blast huh?  tee hee!

We've been watching the old TV series "Prison Break" !!!  OMG!!  What a fantastic show... it's CD after CD after CD - 4 seasons plus the final BREAK!  We are almost finished.  Thank heavens... it's on my mind at night when I go to bed.  Isn't that terrible.  If you haven't watched this... YOU MUST.  I've never seen so many twists and turns in one show.  I know I've told you this already...but can you tell it's pretty darn exciting???

Okay... on to more fun things to chat about...

Isn't this little fellow a hoot?  I posted it because I thought it would be great fun to do with your children or grandchildren... let them make the project and then plant something and watch it grow.  These are those peat pots you can get at the nursery..  They just paper clipped/stapled them together.  I think it's adorable.

I'm always interested in cool photographs...since Heather is so good at it.  I thought this was especially a great idea.  Look at the generations!!!  It would be fun to do with the gals too and have them side by side.  If you happened to be so lucky to have four generations of each on your family!!!

I've seen this quilt before... but I just came across the photo again.  I love the 3D with the cherries.  It would have to be a quilt that wasn't used much... but I think the idea is lovely!!!  Wish it belonged to me!!!

Now..let me tell you...there is nothing better (to me) than a yummy cinnamon roll.  What a great way to make waffles... out of that dough!... mmmmm then smothered in butter and syrup.  Sugar we come!  I can just taste these sweet things right now... (can you tell I'm hungry???  Yes... we are leaving shortly for breakfast toooooo.... yippee....)

This is so cool.  You are to use a smooth surface ceramic cup... !  Permanent Sharpie... write or draw whatever you want on your cup - then bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  What fun projects for sewing groups, family members that attend parties, how about at a wedding shower - for the bride and groom to keep... the ideas are endless.  Hey... I might think about this at one of our next retreats...what fun!!

Okay.... I gotta go.... Jack is getting ready and I need to also.

Have a wonderful day..... keep those needles moving...

Isn't this a hoot??? I've never seen pigs in water... I didn't think they liked it... I know they love mud... but water????  oink...ssssssssqqqqqqqqqquuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllll!

Chat tomorrow!!


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