Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29, 2012 - Tuesday

Wow...these Monday holidays get my week all messed up... I swore this was Monday when I woke up.  What a weekend we have been having... especially the last 2 days.  The weather here was a bit frightful!!!  Winds whipping, torrential rain.... we even had tornado warnings.  My hubby and I had our little nest built in the center hallway...away from all windows... so we could jump in the closet if we needed to. 

He's so good... he has a HUGE hurricane stash ready for us... he simply went to the garage - picked out the "essential" tub of stuff and carried it into the hallway.  We decided the closet with all of my quilts would be a good place...at least they would cushion our heads!  HA!

But all was well and it blew over... whew!  I remember as a child we had a tornado hit not far from our little town.  It was something else.  They showed pictures of pieces of straw that where clear through cinder blocks!!!!  Then there was a kitchen table... still had a HOT teapot sitting on it - the rest of the house was GONE!  So bazaar!

So... I did get some sewing accomplished... this is what I'm making!

However, I'm using Primitive Gatherings "Seasonal Little Gatherings" in all of her ORANGE AND BLACK colors.  Seasonal Little Gatherings - Moda

See how there are 4 star units?  Well - diagonally - the backgrounds will be black with orange stars - then the other diagonal direction... the backgrounds will be orange with black stars! 

I thought it would be adorable for the Halloween season... or through fall actually!!!  Go to the link above and take a peek!  They are rich in color and adorable!  LOVE THEM LISA... and MODA!!

Plus... I'm working on the Christmas quilt that Lisa designed for these fabrics. 

So.... as you can tell... I'm a busy girl.  PLUS - designing my own new patterns.  OMG..what do I get myself in to??? 


I saw these butter paddles the other day and thought what a cute collection they make.  PLUS.. I would love to put some type of wool applique on one of them.. wouldn't they look cute hanging on your kitchen wall???   You could make different ones... one for each month!!!  You can find them on ebay!!  They are not cheap but oh so wonderful.  I think I'll add these to my "antique looking" list !  It's pretty darn long as it is!

Then I found this awesome cabinet!!!!  I want this!!!!!!!  Hey....it's GREEN...that's why I like it!  Wouldn't this be wonderful FILLED with quilts???? LOVE IT!!


Did you all have a tricycle like this?  I remember we had two different sizes.  Two small ones for Vic and I and one that was larger for my older sister Linda.  I loved my tricycle... it took me everywhere.  We had chunky rocks in our drive way (in the country) so it sure wasn't easy riding on it.  However... further out by the barn... we had a HUGE parking area that was packed down pretty hard and we would ride our bikes around and around!!  What memories!!

Then.. it was time to learn to ride the two wheeler.  We were bruises from head to toe.  Mom finally put the bikes away.  We were to be twin flower girls in our cousin's wedding... she told us we needed to heal.... no more cuts and scrapes... no more bruises.  So we could look pretty for the wedding.  Needless to say we were not happy about not riding our bikes over the summer!


I found two prints that I thought would be adorable for all of you.. .embroidery.... or they would be adorable with needle punch... or even wool applique!!!


They were free on-line.  I just love artist that are willing to share their skills.  It makes it so nice for those people that have limited funds and/or have no quilt shops to find these type of things in.


Well... my girlfriend is coming over to sew and I need to get into my sewing room and get it straightened up a bit.  It kind of looks like a BOMB went off in it... I sure can make a MESS... FAST!!!!  Can't you???

Chat with you tomorrow.... Happy Sewing..


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