Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25, 2012 - Friday

Yippee... another Friday! 

This Friday is FULL of "stuff to do"!! 

1. Finish up cutting kits for B-a-a-a-d Girls Club 

2. Go to Apple store and find out why ALL OF MY CONTACTS have disappeared from my phone (NOT GOOD!!!) 

3.  Go to my friends and pick up some upholstery supplies 

4.  Pack my sewing for Friday Night Sewcial at Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe 

5.  Buy Chicken for tonight's "picnic" themed dinner....

Okay... that's enough.. I'm tired already! 

Hey...look at this....

Oh my gosh...when I saw this Barbie... I squealed.  You see... when Vicky and I were little girls... we made Barbie clothes just like this!  Our mom and grandma sewed.... everything... and they had so many scraps they let us use... including laces, furs, etc.  We would go to Grandmas and work with our Barbie patterns for days and make all kinds of clothes.  She let us use her sewing machine and supplies.  Can you believe we made Barbie clothes that many years ago?  That's how we learned to sew.  What good memories.  I LOVED my Barbie doll... combing her hair... even the smell of her (know what I mean...that yummy rubbery smell?  I know... I know... weird huh?)  I miss her... sniffle.  I wonder what nasty dump she's been sleeping in for the past 40 years...wwwahhhhhh!!


See these... LOVE THEM!  My templates (Pretty Pots A Plenty) do this also.  As a matter of fact... I'm in the process of using my templates in LOTS of new designs... hopefully designs that no one has seen yet!  Wish me luck!!!  I can't wait to get started.!!


You know... when Karen and I were at Kansas City Quilt Market... we both made a discovery!!  We either like quilts with lots of little pieces - or BIG pieces...there is no in between!  Now...take a look at this quilt.  How simple is it?  But how wonderful is it too?  I love quilts like this made with crisp WHITE fabric...then when it's quilted and washed... it's just wonderful...soft...cushy...smells good!  The kind you want to take a nap under  -  outside on the deck... in the shade - with the cool, fresh air breezes blowing... just enough so you need to cuddle under this sweet thing.  Are you with me?


Hey... I thought this was such a sweet idea for children for Christmas.  Then I thought of adding another portion to this.  As a child cuts off each day... have them write on the back something they are thankful about - that they want to share with SANTA.  NOT what they want for Christmas...but what they LOVE about the season!  It would be great for the mommies and daddies to keep each year in an envelope - then when their children are grown - give to them as a memento of their childhood!


Hey... I want to own all of these!  I love shakers (have no earthly idea why either!).  I want to make some fun things from them.  I'm always on the hunt in the antique stores!!

**************************************'s time to get my day started.  I've been sitting at this computer way too long already today!  Isn't it amazing how it "sucks" you in!  Just think - years ago all we had was the newspapers, magazines, and encyclopedias to look for information.  My... how times have changed!


How sweet is this?  Nothing more heart wrenching that watching a small child say their prayers. 

Have a beautiful day and a super weekend.  Remember to thank those in the military that have served their country and bless the families that have lost their loved ones. 

Chat with you on Monday!!


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