Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Well you know what they say... those that have great plans... they can soon be broken.  Yesterday was a TRUE bust.  All of my daily plans went out the window when I began to feel ICKY!!!  Canceled everything and just was a vegetable on the couch.  However... I feel so MUCH better today.  Whew... I hate days when you feel like a wet dish rag... don't you?  So unproductive! 

Today... however... is another story.  I was so inspired this morning.  I have a friend that keeps encouraging me to design a wool block-of-the-month (actually I've already started it) and I've just been so busy tied up in other things.. I put it on the back burner.  However,.... after looking at MANY wool projects on Pinterest this morning... I'm motivated again.  I think I may even get my sketches out and revise them somewhat. 

Oh Yes... HERE I GO AGAIN... MOVING ON TO ANOTHER PROJECT!  Oh well, that's just going to be my new strategy... I think it will keep me happy and YOUNG AT HEART!  I'd love to have a wool block of the month as wonderfully receptive as Lisa Bongean's beautiful Garden Quilt.  Oh my... she is sssssssssooooooo talented... and I love her to death!  She and her hubby are a super couple!

My problem... I love to design...but I just can't get it all done by myself... I need stitchers!!!!

Speaking of designs... I wanted to show you the cutest little pin cushions I made sometime ago.  They were so much fun!!..

I also had one made like a tomato pin cushion with the little strawberry emery hanging from it.  However... someone TOOK IT at a show... where they were displayed with kits to go with them!  Aren't people amazing...  I was SO MAD... dishonest people really make my tummy churn!!!  gggggrrrrrr...........


I found another quilt to add to my "QUILT BUCKET LIST"!!!  Here it is!!

This photograph NO WAY does it justice.  When I saw this hanging at market (Houston ... I believe...) I jest fell in love with it.  Of course... it's Blackbird Designs.  I'm their BIGGEST fan.. love those two girls to death!  They are not only talented in the quilting industry... but they kick fanny in the cross stitch market too.  There is not ONE THING that they have designed that I DON'T LIKE!!!  Alma and Barb... love you two gals!!!  You both rock!!  Hope to see you in Kansas City!


Then... I was dreaming of another love... I wish I could do... yes... another one!  a RETREAT HOUSE!!!  I know they are a lot of work... but I soooooo would love to have one.  Actually... manage one...someone else can own it... reap all of the profits... just let me decorate it... make the guests happy... cook for them.... spoil them... what fun would that be?  I even have a "board" on my Pinterest where I've been collecting wonderful ideas.  Actually - Vicky and I could be awesome "retreat keepers"... my hubby... he would even help!  He told me... if we could live there - free room and board - he would go for it too.  (this man can fix anything...he would be great).  So... if there are any "takers" out there...we're your team!! 

We'll add things to the things... How about

*  bicycles to ride
*  shopping trip to St. Johns Town Center
*  a day of pampering... nails, toes, massage(aaahhh...)
*  yummy, yummy food....
*  antique shopping
*  fun trip to the beach

Here are some "dream" decorating photos I've collected!

 I love the OLD look... I would want the entire retreat to be a mixture of PRIMITIVE-SHABBY CHIC-VINTAGE-ANTIQUE look!!!  Let's start with this awesome primitive table(s) for our eating area!  Gosh... can you just see how beautiful this would be decorated for meals?  Martha Stewart would have NOTHING on me...!!

Then... we must have a gorgeous porch to sit on... having morning coffee or having fun with the group in "girl talk" in the evenings... with the pretty lights on, the fan twirling, having some wine or a great cup of flavored coffee.... aaahhhh so relaxing!  See all of those green plants... in MY retreat house... I PROMISE I will NOT kill them (I don't have a very good green thumb!)

And then... the bedrooms... oh my... I have so many ideas for them.... it's just ridiculous.  Look at this one - antique French linens decorating the bed and on the head board.  Who wouldn't want to crawl into this sweet, cozy bed?

Then... I LOVE to decorate with plates.  Isn't this beautiful?  It's such an inexpensive - wonderful way to put art on the wall!!  You can find the coolest plates at flea markets and junk stores that are simply a masterpiece when they are arranged in this type of design!!  I want this bedroom!!!

Isn't this cute... the beds all lined up in a row!  Of course I would make sure the quilts all were wonderful for you!!!! 


And how cute would this be?  For each bed to have their own little clothes basket for their towels, etc. These are so much fun to make and very inexpensive.  You simply white wash a clothes basket and stencil the numbers on the front.  It would be cute with quilt blocks stenciled on them...wouldn't it??  Or primitive shapes (crow, heart/hand, willow tree.....)

We have to have a wonderful fireplace. That's just something that we CANNOT do without. I don't care if we are in Florida!! It would be so cool decorating it for the different seasons! It must have a BIG sit down hearth too! I had one like that in one of my houses and it was simply the best! So cozy and warm!!

Wouldn't these be adorable lights over the big eating table... or at least somewhere in the kitchen???  I love yellow ware bowls.  although... I would have to take a deep breath... before cutting holes in the bottom of them.  But then... you simply buy the ones that have chips in them (they have more appeal anyway) and then it's not so hard to cut them... since they won't cost as much!!


Okay... I'll stop!  I'm sure this may be pretty boring to you!  However... it's just one of those dreams that I don't want to let go!  I'd love to keep the retreat FULL all of the time.  It doesn't even have to be just for quilting - family reunions, scrap booking, rug hooking, weekend for designers(wow...would that ever be a blast). 

My inspirations for wanting a retreat... they come from Lynn (Kansas Troubles) and Lisa (Primitive Gatherings).  They put the bug into my soul... so it's all their fault!  (love you both...)

Ok... gotta run... today I'm sewing with the girls so I need to get some breakfast and gather up my stuff!

Have a super day.... chat later...


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