Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hi everyone... wow what a pretty morning!  (I'm trying to encourage myself for my bike ride...can you tell?)

Did you all have a great Easter..?  Ours was short and sweet and pretty darn great!  I wanted to let you know that I'm not quite finished going down memory lane.  I found some more awesome things I JUST HAVE TO SHOW YOU!!  Along with some stories to go with them... (of course)

Put on your memory shoes...let's go walking!!

OH MY I loved this store.  Our dime store was called Schultz 5 & 10 - and it was such a wonderful memory as a child.  We would go to town on Saturday... Daddy would give us either a dime or a quarter.  We would run into the store and head for either the toy section or the candy.  If we choose a toy... we could pick (for the amount of money we got) a coloring book, play money, doll bottle, jacks, caps for our cap guns, play lipstick.... or we could go to the candy counter (a REAL candy counter where they scooped and weighed your purchase) and go nuts over candy and gum. 

What wonderful memories...I can still remember the smell of the store.  Now here's the best part!!  When I became a teenager... I worked in this store!  Yes I did... I was the candy counter girl and then I worked the register.  The ladies that worked in the store seemed so OLD... they had been there a hundred years...but were all so sweet.  I especially remember "Rosie" - she took care of the HUGE card department (this is way before computers...when we all used to send cards and actually write letters!). 

The owner of the store... I think his name was Mr Lloyd... he scared me.  Then the bookkeeper...she worked up above in the office... a rather large woman... I can't remember her name... but I do remember loving her to death!  She was so sweet to me.

The REAL Woolworth store that was in downtown Jacksonville... WOW... I loved it too.  When I worked downtown I would shop there at lunch and also eat in their little restaurant.  The food was ssssssoooooooo  good!!  (Remember that Karen???)

We used to wear this style... This is back when EVERYONE sewed!!!  All of our school clothes were made by mom (when we were in grade school).  See the price of the pattern??? 25 cents !!!  I about had a stroke the other day when I was looking at patterns and saw the price.  So Silly!!!  Now it's cheaper to BUY your clothes than it is to make them. 

Ok...did you all have these Tupperware Popsicle maker-things?  Yep... we loved them... Mom filled them with Cool-Aid and we were happy girls during the summer.  That was WAY before they made the kind for the freezer!!

Now this is OUR Bug!  Yes... this was the first car Jack and I owned together...when we were first married... (he was in boot camp when I HAD to learn how to drive a STICK SHIFT).  Jack and I and then 4 years later - Toby - traveled all over the country in this bug... When we first moved from home to Great Lakes... ALL of our belongings were packed inside.  To include, kitchen stuff, clothes, bowling balls, sewing machine.... YEP... it was packed to the roof.  AND we didn't even have the attachments on it like this one does.  aaahhh... those were the days when having next to nothing was just - darn - ok!!  We had each other!  ((sniffle))

How about the BIG WHEEL!!  Toby and Lane (Vicky's oldest) played on these by the hours when we all lived in Conn. together.  They were so cute... I remember they would pedal as fast as they could and then put on the breaks and then spin and spin... and give us that good old belly laugh!!

I have a picture of them...fall day... chilly outside... they have on little hooded sweat-shirts with their hoods up... with their cowboy hats on top of their hoods... So silly but so cute.  I love that picture!

This type of discount seemed to be "way before it's time"... remember these?  and Top Value stamps.  I wish I had a dollar for every one of these bad boys I licked and put in a book!  For those of you that are too young to remember... our parents would get these when they bought groceries.  It's probably what got the "coupon" age started!!

Remember these sexy nylons?  My mom used to wear them.  She would make sure they seam was going straight up the back of the leg... with her garter belt.  I don't care what you say... I still think they are sexy.  Then the manufacturers figured out how to make them without the seam!  Then on to the panty hose!!!

I LOVED these play houses....!!  I loved the little plastic (pink) people that came with them too...and the tiny little furniture.  That's when we actually used our imagination to play... remember those days??

This is something I loved to do... but was just darn TERRIBLE at it.  You know how you are supposed to cross one foot in front of the other one when you are turning... going around the curve???  I could not bring myself to do that... I was scared to death.  We used to have a skating rink in our little town that we would go to.  It was so fun to go and watch the boys...that was my highlight of the evening.  Then I loved the feeling when you took off the skates and would walk in your shoes.  It felt so weird... like you were floating on the ground.  Weird. huh...?

Hey... remember the POP beads?  They may still be around.. !  I know that mommies had to be careful that little ones chewing on their jewelry didn't pull them apart and swallow any of the beads!!

Well.. .how was your trip down memory lane?  I'm exhausted!!!  tee hee.... 

Finishing up little things today...trying to get a sample done for Cinnamon's and the pattern is NOT COOPERATING with me!  Wow... nothing but boo-boos in it!  NOT GOOD.  However, the wall hanging is simply adorable.  I'll get you a picture soon!

Here you go... your thought for the day... !! (isn't this so cute?)

Catch ya'll tomorrow...!  Got to get on my bike!!! eeekkkkkk!!!  (although yesterday I road MUCH further than the day before.. AND I didn't fall over.... YIPPEE!!!)


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