Sunday, April 8, 2012

HAPPY EASTER !!!  April 8, 2012 - Sunday

I hope you have a blessed day... you and  your family!

We are eating dinner with some friends that we have known for almost 40 years.  It will be a good time!

Then...a quiet, restful day!  I need it! was "GARAGE" day yesterday.  I was never so glad to get anything finished as I was IT!  However, we can NOW walk in the garage and use some of the exercise equipment (yea...right...for sure...!)

We even took things to our antique auction friends.  They have another big auction on April 20 - so I'm going to go and hang out and see who likes my stuff!  It's always fun to see who buys what... you wonder what in the heck they do with some of the things they buy.  If you've never been to an auction, you should put that on your bucket list.  They are so MUCH fun and you great SUPER great deals!  My favorite are the antique, farm auctions.  It's also a great way for young couples to get furniture, etc. for their homes...many of the things are perfectly new!

I found a wonderful "board" on Pinterest that took me back.... so far back... into my childhood... I just had to share some of the things with you.  They are a hoot!!

Here we go...

I cannot even begin to tell you how many of these ice cube trays I've filled in my lifetime.  Then... the worst part... cleaning out this thing - you know... the OLD defrost method.  Wow... we always seemed to wait until the last minute...when you couldn't even get the tray out because of so much ice build up!

Ha... I burst out laughing when I saw these.  Remember how they used to twirl around?  Then ... for some reason... they told us to put the end of the bulb on our tongue before we put it into the camera.  I'm not thinking that was really a good idea!  HA!!

I loved... LOVED... the Red Skelton Show when I was little.  I think he is probably the funniest comedian there ever was.  He could become any character in an instant...  Remember Gertrude and Heathcliffe???  So funny... I wish he was still on TV.  We need more programs like his!

Yep... I've talked about this before.  Our first trip to McDonalds in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  I remember the hamburgers costing about 25 cents.  I loved the smell of the inside of the car... with the burgers and fries.  It still reminds me of being a kid when I get that scent today! 

See these candles?  Well... every household had them!!!  I love them!  Still do to this day.  You know.. every once in awhile.. .I see them in the antique stores and they cost a fortune!  They are surely a memorabilia item...and hard to find.. since we used to burn them!

How many of you remember the penny loafers?  I sure do... remember how you searched for the shiniest pennies you could find to put in the shoe?  Man... I loved those shoes... see those skinny socks they are wearing?  Those are the ones I talked about yesterday...that I hated!!  I wanted those great big bobbie socks that you had to roll down about 3 times...the bigger the cuff the better!

Here is our "Candy Striper" girls!  They used to work in the hospitals and help the nurses!  I always wanted to be one of these.  It would be interesting to see why they were eliminated!  I'm sure it was so the hospitals didn't get sued for inexperienced help... who knows... I'll have to "google" CANDY STRIPERS and see what I find.

OMG!!!  How I hated the garter belt!  I think one of the greatest inventions in the world - PANTY HOSE!  Of course... I no longer own a pair of them... I can't even remember the last time I wore a pair of panty hose!!!  YIPPEE!!!

This used to be THE POWDER that everyone wore!
Remember using it after your baths? 
 It felt so good!!! 

This used to be my mom's washer and dryer... I can still see it in our HUGE bathroom on the farm... hooked up to the utility sink.  One of the happiest days in her life was when she got an automatic washer and dryer.  She washed for DAYS... and everything she could get her hands on!!

I loved these things... did you ever have them?  They are play lipstick!!!  My sister and I would by them at Woolworth's 5 & 10 store.  They tasted good too!!!!  I wonder if they still make them?  My Eden and Lexie would love them!!

This is my last... sweet... picture... of the day.  Tiny little toes of a "preemie" baby.  Aren't they so sweet?  I instantly got all "teary" when I saw this photo.  I sure would love to give them a little kiss and sweet blessings to a healthy - wonderful life!


It's time to get busy for the day... I've got some fun sewing to get into before we leave for our Easter dinner.  Blessings to each of you this wonderful day. 

Chat later....


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