Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3, 2012- Tuesday

TAX DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well... I must admit... I kicked butt yesterday in getting things done... !  I watched 3 movies while I stitched the binding on my NEW DESIGN - Starry Cobblestones !!  I threw it on the bed... and we slept under it all night.  Let me tell you something... it is HEAVY!  Feels wonderful.  Now... I just need to have Heather get me some photos, write the directions (takes me sssssooooo long) and then get it published.  I only have about a dozen patterns to write up! 

Then I finished blocks for Cinnamon's, worked on all my tax preparation, straightened my sewing room, cooked dinner...whew!  That was enough for one day.

So... I must type fast... I have to hit the shower and get ready for my tax day...then lunch at Panera! (love their onion soup)..

I just have fun stuff for you today...

He's saying.... "uuuuhhhh.... no!  I promise...it wasn't me!!!"

Isn't this precious.  The caption under the picture was... "look...see what I've made" !!

Now...is this not the most clever Halloween costume for this baby!  So happy and content!!

Now... this... I WANT!!!!!  Sure wish it lived in MY HOUSE!!  (((sniffle)))

Angora Bunny.... I would just love to pet this pretty girl!!!  Isn't she sweet?

Ya Think????  DUH!!!

This is the best!!!  Wish all little kids had friends like this...
 the Bulling would stop... don't you think?


Sorry for the short posts... gotta run!!

Chat tomorrow!

Have a super - great day!


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