Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 26, 2012 - Thursday

Hi Everyone! 

Jack is now in Virginia...getting ready to have fun with his old buddies.  Good for him!  After dropping him off at the airport... I decided to be a little domestic and went to Lowes.  It's been so long since I've wandered around in one of the "manly" stores and I wanted to see what's new and cool in the Home Industry!  Wow... was I ever surprised.  OMG!!!  What fun I had.  I took a zillion pictures so I could remember to tell Jack about all the neat new ideas! (he's just gonna love that...)  I think my most favorite... the new sliding glass doors for patios.  I love that they look like french doors.. PLUS  they have the tiny blinds inside the pains of glass.  You can open them or pull them all the way up.  Trying to put window coverings on french doors or sliding glass doors (for privacy and BRIGHT sun ... damage to MY QUILTS) has always been an issue.  Now don't get me wrong... I LOVE a BRIGHT house... but we do have to be careful with this "killer" Florida sun.  They were awesome!

Then I went into one of our HUGE antique malls... I've been thinking about using a piece of furniture for a bathroom vanity/counter.  One of my old customers did this in her house... it was stunning!  She loves old oak pieces... so that's what she used.  When you walked into her bathroom - it took your breath pretty... elegant but yet warm and comfortable.  While walking in the antique mall... checking out the furniture...measuring... I saw this!  OMG!  I know I gasped!!!   It was an antique piece they had refurbished... a combination of shabby chic, antique, primitive, and just plain awesome!  I can just see a finished bathroom with this piece in it.

This picture does not do it justice...but I fell in love.  Then.. I looked for a price - the tag was gone and a new one had been attached to the faucet - "Make Me An Offer"!  I hate those price tags... scares me!  So I asked at the front desk if they remembered what the original price was - GASP... they thought $1500.00 !!!  HOLY COW!!  I don't think my offer will be accepted... Oh well... a girl can dream! 

Look at what is ALL FINISHED!!!  Binding and all....

I'm delivering it today to Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe... it's a sample for her.  It's also the cover of the new Primitive Quilts & Projects!  Karen will have kits to accompany the magazine (pattern).  Call or stop in the shop if you want to reserve one!!!  904-374-0532      The small house block is wool applique.  I love the way Lynn Graham and Cathy Peters quilted it!!!  They have their long-arm business attached to Cinnamon's.  They do BEAUTIFUL work and accept quilts by mail (904-463-8601)  They have been quilting for years and use the Gammill Statler Sticher.  They do ALL of my quilts for me!!!  When they get in a new quilt...they hang it up and study how it's constructed... then work together to come up with the best design !  They also quilt for Red Crinoline Quilts (formerly Bonnie Blue Quilts) !!! 


I found some of my FAVORITES I wanted to share with you!!!

I love "mustache" pulls on drawers.  I have absolutely no clue why... just do!!!!

Now this my friends is a refrigerator I would LOVE to have!  If you were a chef...can you imagine this in your kitchen?  Or had a catering business....  OMG!!!  I'll bet this sweet thing costs as much as a stinkin' NEW CAR!!!   I'm in love... simply IN LOVE!!!!

Okay... I  STRONGLY feel this needs to be sitting in my sewing studio!!!  Have I shown this before?  I'm so obsessed with it... I'm sure I have.  Isn't it stunning????  Hmmmm I just noticed I have a WHITE theme going on here... not on purpose...just how it turned out with all of the photos.  Wouldn't you love to have this in your sewing studio?  Come on... you know you would!!

Here's another LOVE of MINE!!!!

Yes Girls...those are COWBOYS... What can be better...cowboys butts and boots!! YEE-HAW!!! 

I've always thought it would be fun to visit a DUDE RANCH... ride... have fun!  (I can just feel my sore butt already!)  Next to riding a bike for several hours and getting a sore fanny... it's riding a horse!  WOW... feels like you have boils back there!!!  (I just love sweet... love the smell of their leather saddles... and them!  I know...weird huh?? )


Here's a little "chuckle" for you this morning....

Oh so true...don't you think?


Today I'm heading to Cinnamon's to sew with the gals.  I have multiple projects that I'm getting help with...
Klasina - she's my sock teacher!!!  I'm moving down to the toe on my first sock!!  Yippee!!

Then.. .Karen is helping me with my first hand piecing project - a Pickle Clam Shell !!!

Keep your fingers crossed I can do this!!!

Then I'm heading out from Cinnamon's to watch Lexie until "Daddy" gets home.  We're going out to dinner together with Vicky (twin sister) and Larry (her honey...). 
We should have a great time.

Chat with you tomorrow... have fun sewing today!!!


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