Friday, April 20, 2012

April 20, 2012 - Friday

Whew...what an exhausting day we had yesterday!  It was a full, full, FUN DAY!!!

We ate breakfast (Let's Nosh!) lunch (Crispers) and dinner (Longhorn Steak House) out !!!!  We've never done that before unless we were out of town on vacation.  It was so much fun.  Then we shopped...( shoes for Alaska trip, books, stuff for his bicycle....) Needless to say we were tired little puppies by the time we got home.  All was good...

Today it's supposed to I'm not sure how much bike riding Jack will get accomplished.  Of that he has new toys for on his's going to RAIN!!!  Oh well.... our yard sure needs it!!

Hey... look at this!!!  Do any of you remember these??? 

I had major flashbacks when I saw this thing.  Here's the deal...we were stationed in Guantanemo Bay, Cuba 1976 - 1979 where I worked at the bank.  We were contracted from a bank in Norfolk, Va.  They had NO MODERN equipment in this place at all.  These... were the calculators we had to use!!!'s the story... the ships (from the North Atlantic Fleet) would all come to Gitmo for spring training (on the ocean).  Of course while they were there they would be paid by the ship's accounting officer.  They would then bring ALL OF THOSE checks into the bank - we had to ADD THEM ALL UP and process them back into the military dispersing division. 

 Now... let me ask you... do you know how many men are on ships?????  How about on aircraft carriers???  Yep... 3,000 - 5,000 men!!  Do you know how long it takes to add up that many checks on this antique?  Then... if it didn't balance to their total - we had to read off the amounts to another person until we found our error!  Let me just tell you... we HATED it when those ships would come to port!

I was the head teller... I had a million dollar vault!!  Guess how we got the money delivered to us???  Just guess???  (It's amazing...!)  The U.S. Mail!  It would fly down on the mail plane (of course with heavy armored guards) and they would deliver it to the bank.  Now that's what I call a serious.... MAIL CALL!!!


Do you love old, old glass bottles?  I just think they are so lovely... especially the ones that have all of the decorative cuts and designs on them.  They are so pretty filled with fresh flowers.. .like this....

Go to this link and she'll tell you how to get them sparkling clear!!!  Cleaning Old Bottles

This is what they used to look like!!  ICKY!!!


Look how they spruced up this simple can... they wrapped a piece of burlap around a painted coffee can..then made a button garland !  isn't it cute?  Very inexpensive center pieces...especially if you get your buttons from a wholesale company!


Ok...I had to do a little "remembering" !!!  This is ROMPER ROOM - and the magic mirror.  REMEMBER?  She used to look in it and say Happy Birthday to all the boys and girls by NAME!  As a little girl... I could never understand how she knew all of their names!  hahahahahaha!  DUH!

I've decided it would be fun to go on a train trip.  Now.. .I know they probably don't make these anymore... but traveling across the United States may be a blast.  However... I do remember traveling by train while in Italy... NOT a pleasurable experience.  Trying to sleep in the sleeper car was just not going to happen.  Every little town they stopped in (to pick up and drop off passengers).  Do you have any idea how many times they blow that whistle during this process???  let's just's in the hundreds of thousands of times (yes... I am stretching that some...). 

OH MY GOSH!!!  I wanted to shoot that train conductor!  Needless to say..... it's not worth spending the extra money for the sleeper car...there is NO sleeping going on in there.  Plus.. we had to pay to RENT a pillow and blanket!  What's up with that?


I had to show you this goat's hysterical.

I can just hear her saying... with her little teeth clenched and that little silly smile... "yes... I DID curl my ears a little too tight!!!!   Hahahahahahaha!!!

Have a super day today!  I'm sewing, knitting and then going to an antique auction tonight!!  Ahhhhhhhh.... life is good!  Thank you Lord!

Love ya'll....


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