Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 18, 2012 - Wed.

Hi everyone...!!

Well... I saw 21 Jump Street... what a FUNNY movie... it was pretty raunchy though... you know..that manly sick humor!!  However, I laughed my guts off!!  (it is NOT for children... get my drift?)

Then I had the BEST patty melt... OMG!!  Have you ever had a patty melt from Steak n Shake?  Well, let me tell you.. it was cooked to perfection.  It simply must be the rye bread and the grease...then of course...there are the onions... anyway... it was scrumptious.  Of course... the place was FREEZING COLD!  I'm not sure why restaurants (especially those serving LOTS of ICE CREAM) think they need to have the temperature so low!  Now... don't get me wrong.. .I HATE TO SWEAT or be HOT... but this was simply ridiculous!  It felt good to go outside where it was WARM!

Hey... I was so excited yesterday!!  Guess what arrived at my quilt shop????  (Cinnamon's)  I had been there visiting... was just pulling away... when I saw it!!!  The BIG BROWN UPS TRUCK... pulling away from the shop's back door!  I thought to myself...... "hhhhmmmm.... I wonder if that got their shipment of "Little Gatherings" from Moda?  (we've been anxiously awaiting their arrival).  I'm making that adorable Christmas Quilt (from Primitive Gatherings) and I need the background to get started on my wool applique blocks!

Sure enough... I hadn't gone 2 miles in the car and they called... that Lynn... she's such a trickster!  She told me they just got a call it was going to be delayed 3 MONTHS!!!  Well... I won't tell you what I said on the phone (it was not real nice...just came blurting out of my mouth....).  Then she said... "HA... Tricked You... it just arrived"!  What a boob she is!  So... I turned around and went back and got MY FABRIC!!! 

Now... I hope the pattern arrives today... if not.. .it will be here tomorrow for sure!  Then I will be a MAD-WOMAN.. on a mission... stitching my brains out!  Can't wait!!


Wow.. .I found some cool things to share!!! 

Now...don't panic on this first one... look at it with an open eye... and creative mind!  This lampshade is covered with yo-yo's!   I know... I know... it can be a bit "tacky"... but think a little out of the box... different colors... to match your daughter's quilt you just made for her bed... there are some possibilities here... don't you think?  I DO!! 

Hey... did you know that if you get grease on your clothes... you can rub it with chalk (it absorbs the grease) and then throw it (clothing...NOT the chalk) in the wash and the grease should be gone?  I haven't tried it... but it kind of makes sense.'s worth the effort!!

I loved this idea... of course... there are two things I'm in love with anyway... spindly looking trees and crocks!  How can you go wrong?  Wouldn't this be cute to put together in your house for the winter?  What about on your fireplace hearth... so cool... then you could set antique Santa or snowmen dolls up against the crocks.  I would place some of them on a stool... or some type of you get a more interesting display at different heights.  Then during the holidays... you could hang primitive ornaments or berries on the trees... too cute!


Isn't this a clever idea???  Most of the time... I have liners behind my shower curtain... I'm a bit on the lazy side.. and when it needs to be replaced or cleaned (after I've sprayed it several times with bleach water...) I simply buy a new liner.  Don't you hate the smell of them though?  That plastic smell seems to last FOREVER!!!


What a cool thing to do... to remove water marks on our faucets...use a lemon cut in half and rub all over the hardware...wipe clean!  You's kind of scary what all lemons can do in the "cleaning" world...with the acid they have in them... just think... WE EAT THESE THINGS!!! 

Now... I don't know about you...but I don't use a lot of celery... it's just one of those things I buy for recipes...then I seem to throw most of it away!  Here's a trick from a chef:

Keep Celery fresh for up to 6 weeks! Take store wrapping off, rinse and shake dry of most water. Completely wrap in aluminum foil, keep in fridge crisper and whenever you need fresh crisp celery its there!  Try it!

For those of you that have lots of boys in your house.....  Go to this link and "Anna" will give you the instructions to clean up the bathroom!!!! 


Hey... do you have plastic ware that is NOT so pretty anymore... the food has colored or dulled the inside?  "Ask Anna" has the remedy for making them look like new again!

Okay... now that I have you madly cleaning your "stuff" (((sorry))) it's time to sign off for the morning...

Here is my "cute" picture for the day... this chicken is either laying an egg... or wants a free ride!  Isn't she adorable???  "cluck...cluck"

Have some fun today..........  I'm going to watch the ALVIN movie with Lexie today!!!

Can you tell I have tons of energy???

Chat tomorrow...


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