Friday, April 13, 2012

April 13, 2012 - FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!  eeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Hey... this is Friday the 13th!  OMG... not good!  Everyone take care today... make sure you watch as you cross the road, don't walk under any ladders... you know all of the precautionary things! 

Me... today I'm getting some wool blocks ready to stitch, picking up the house a bit... and then heading to Cinnamon's again!!!!  YIPPEE!!!!  Today we have our Friday SEWcial... 2:00 pm to around 11:00!  I will have to leave early this time... going out to dinner with the family (yummy).

Tomorrow is my knitting class... I'm so excited!  Can't wait to get started on my socks!

Have some fun stuff for you today...  FIRST OF ALL... my main squeeze - TY PENNINGTON!

This guy is so darn cute.  I actually met him in person (got to hug him) at the Houston Market.  There were women all around him... we stood in line to meet him and get his autograph.  He's not only a cute face - but he's a designer - of tons of stuff... including FABRIC!  He is one skinny fellow!!  The part I loved about him... he was rugged - you could tell that he really worked on the show (Extreme Home Makeover) - his hands were those of a true carpenter!!

I'm not sure who this chic is with him... but she better STEP AWAY!!!! Her and her short skirt, cleavage, shinny skin and beautiful hair and face!  BACK OFF BABE!! (hahahaha!)



Ok... back to reality!!!

Look at this... you fill a pan with frozen fruit, sprinkle a cake mix (she's using a yellow cake mix) and add one can of soda (coke) and bake until the topping is all done!  Doesn't this sound wonderful?  I'm making this and taking it to my quilt shop for dessert one day while we are sewing! 

Love this idea... and how easy is it!!

I don't think this needs any more explanation......DO YOU?


I just love this... isn't it so SWEET????  How pretty would it be to make one for each season for your table?  

Now... I'm just sayin' ............  This idea - makes me want to buy a griddle.  I've been wanting one anyway... for pancakes, grilled sandwiches... you know.. a yummy Reuben.. with melted cheese, sauce, rye bread, corn beef !!!  OMG... I'm so hungry right now.  There is nothing better than bacon with pancakes, butter and syrup... WOW!!!  Restaurants should make this... such a cute idea!! 

A PERFECT breakfast for my guests in my imaginary - Quilting Retreat House !!!  How would you like to wake up to the smell of this???

I thought this was such a DARN, CUTE, IDEA!!!  They've taken simple jars with screw top lids - having them all different is even better.  Then bought coordinating colored doorknobs and screwed them to the lids!  What a great way to give your kitchen that "POP" of color to brighten it up!  Heck... I wouldn't even mind making a BUNCH of these and putting them in my pantry.  I can just feel the smile on my face each time I open the pantry door to get something...seeing these sweet things looking at me!  So... start collecting those BIG jars you get from your groceries - pickle jars, mayo jars... LOVE IT!!!

I have ALWAYS wanted a beautiful yard... however, I hate working in them!  It's just too hot and sweaty!  BUT.. .if I had something like this... I don't think I would mind so bad!  Of course... I need a gardener to help me with the plantings and feedings.. I seem to kill anything that is green and flowers!  (I just hate when plants die!)

Isn't this a sweet photo.... This dog is used in the military to find explosives...either on the field or in buildings.  He's right there with his master isn't he? ((sniffle))


Well...that's it for today... going to get my day going....  Have a super weekend.

I did want to let you all know... I will NOT be blogging on the weekend.  I decided to take a break and give MYSELF a break.  That way we all have more to look forward to on Monday morning.  So... instead of reading the blog with your morning coffee... go to Pinterest and find fun things!!  If you are not a Pinterest junkie... you should be.  It's simply wonderful!!!


Oh... did I mention how much I love Ty Pennington!!!

Chat with you on Monday!!!

Hugs all around!


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