Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 12, 2012 - Thursday

Today is a good day (I've already decided).... I've been up and down all night and just woke up again!  I think I need drugs at bedtime... what do you think?  Then... there is always the "Sleepy Time" tea... of course that would involve making it before I go to bed... that's not going to happen.  So.. I'm just thinking this up and down... no sleep... is not all bad!  I'm getting a ton of things finished!!  YIPPEE!! (there is a bright side to everything).

I was a "human stitching machine" yesterday!  Finished up my OH MY GOSH blocks (6 of us are making a quilt together).  I'm the last one to take mine in... normally I'm first!  I had one stinkin' block that was giving me a VERY HARD TIME and I was so frustrated with it... I just had to step away from it for awhile.  Has that ever happened to you?  Yep... it was that or I was going to throw it on the floor and stomp all over it!

Then I finished an adorable wall hanging for Cinnamon's... here it is!!  What a fun project!!!  She will be making KITS for these and the pattern will be in the magazine - Primitive Quilts & Projects that will arrive in the store soon.
I love these combined projects...where you have piecing, stitching and wool.  I think I'm going to focus on designing some of these.  They are great projects for shop owners to kit!!  Not real expensive for our pocket books... and so much fun to make..!  You may just see more of these soon.


I found this GREAT site where you can print all types of paper!!!  You must go into the site and take a peak!  It's so cool!!!

Print Paper   

Once you see what all you can do...

You're gonna love it!!!


Check out these towel racks.  I thought this was sooooo clever.  They are handles that have been hung vertically.  I'll bet those handles they use for gates would work for this too!!  Don't you think?   I just thought it was different and very clever.


Look at these next two photos I found of little ones.  Aren't they precious??? There's nothing sweeter than babies little legs and toes! 

I think she may have forgotten her little panties....tee hee!!


Now...this is hysterical.  I swear ya'll... I could hear my mom saying some of these things to me as I was reading it!!  NO LIE!!!  You read it and see if it doesn't happen to you too!!!



And... before I go - gotta get packed for Cinnamon' is SEWING DAY!!  Here is a photo that made me howl out loud!!

Does he not look pissed?  Or...he's saying... "Really?  You think green is my color... I don't think so!"

hahahahahahahaha!!!  Poor little kitty..

Have a great day everyone... I'm going to get busy now!


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