Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1, 2012 - Sunday                Happy April's Fool Day!

This does not seem like Sunday to me... yesterday was a blurrrrrrr!!!!!

We had our Saturday - B-a-a-a-d Girls Day!!  What great fun!  Such a nice group of gals to laugh and stitch with.  Today I get to be with another group!!!  Yippee!! These are new students... so I'll be catching them up with the other group. 

We had MANY out sick yesterday... if you're reading this... GET BETTER!!  I have your projects for you.... you can pick them up next month... or if you would like me to leave them at Cinnamon's for you to pick and let me know.  (  I can ask the gals to put it on their HOLD Shelf for you to pick up at your convenience.

Lynn and Cathy finished quilting my new pattern (quilt) design.  I think I'm going to call it Starry Cobblestones!  Here's a quick photo of it... (it's HUGE - for our bed).  I used muted soft colors so it would have a vintage look.

Hey... look at this Old Glory wall sign I found.  I LOVE this thing!  I'm not sure why.. .it must be the texture and shape.  When I first saw it... I thought of Polly Minnick.  She's a rug hooker/designer that specializes in patriotic colors.  Wouldn't she love this?  How pretty would this be hooked into a rug and then framed!  WOW... or made into a pillow for the couch.  Oh.... I just love it.  I may even have to do something in wool applique with this sweet thing.!!


I thought of my rug hooking teacher - Diane Kelly - when I saw this basket.  I was so fortunate to have her as an instructor this past January in the Off the Ocean Rug Hooking Retreat here in Jacksonville.  She's from Ohio and I simply LOVE HER!!! She and I collect the same thing...and one of them is baskets!  She collects OLD - GREEN baskets.  Take a peak at this one.  Wish I could buy it for her...then surprise her this coming January!

I'm always on the search for them... but do you know how hard it is to find antique GREEN baskets....whew...what an "antiquing challenge" this is... BUT the SEARCH is the FUN!!


Hey... I also LOVE antique cookie cutters... (have no clue why... I can just envision the pioneer woman using it to delight her children).  Look at this beauty.  It's a Penns. reindeer cookie cutter - 19th century that sold for $2106.00 !!!!  Now that is an expensive cookie cutter!  It's it wonderful??  It's simply YUMMY!!


Also spotted this beautiful necklace someone made from buttons (gotta love gorgeous buttons...)

Isn't this unusual and pretty?

This would look OH-SO-WONDERFUL on just the right sweater or blouse.  Maybe kind of cool with jeans.... are you getting my vision?????  HA!!


My last two photos for the posting are so FUNNY!!!

This first one... these two girls are being so silly!!!

Hee.... hee.... This looks like something my Heather would do!  She's such a NUT!


Then...this is the "killer" hat that everyone wants to wear to the Kentucky Derby!  I can just see my silly friend Marti - wearing this to her Kentucky Derby parties
(they live near Louisville, KY !)

Is this not a hoot?

It's hysterical.  I especially love the fact that it has a PINK bridle!  Presentation is everything... can you see the "lucky rabbit's foot" hanging from it!  Too funny!!

Well...let's see what all I have to accomplish this week:

1.  Bind my quilt
2.  Get everything ready for taxes (just take a gun and shoot me!)
3.  Do my on-line EQ course before it expires
4.  Send in sales tax report
5.  Finish "Oh My Gosh" blocks for Cinnamon's
6.  Make more wool applique blocks for Cinnamon's new BOM (coming up later this year)
7.  Clean out the garage with Jack (before he has a BABY COW!! ...more on this later...)
8.  Buy bicycle (Lord help me to not kill myself while riding)
9.  Go to movie and dinner with my friend Karen
10.  Finish Octagon wool/fabric table runner
11.  Make doctor appointments

Okay...that's enough.. I'm pooped already! 


Have a SUPER  SUNDAY... chat tomorrow!!!


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