Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yippee.... It's Saturday - March 3, 2012

Hi everyone!  What a great relaxing day this will be... (so I've decided)!!  Last night we went to dinner at Bonefish Grill... man I love that place.  It's one of my favorite restaurants.  The ONLY thing that I just can't take after awhile is the noise!  SO DARN LOUD!  It didn't help that we were sitting in the bar area which is hustle-bustle and even louder than in the restaurant.

I've never understood something... I'm sure there is some restaurant "science" behind this... but why do they have to have music SO LOUD???  Now.. here is the kicker... once all of those people get in there... you can't hear it anyway and it makes it even LOUDER!!!  I wonder if all of this is bothering me because I'm getting older?

I remember my parents complaining about noise... it must be an after "60" thing... ya think?  Anyway... our waitress was wonderful and she had the perfect personality for her job.  They do everything top notch... if you were one of the many (and I mean MANY) that were waiting outside for your name to be called... they came around and chatted with you... brought you cocktails and FREE samples...   Smart huh?  Of course you have to have the bang-bang shrimp... they are to die for!  Then I had the was down right scrumptious!


So...what are your plans for this weekend?  I'm going grocery shopping today... oh.. yippee (with great excitement).  I really enjoy grocery shopping.. I just hate putting it all away when we get home.  You know... we buy the big packages of chicken, pork chops, etc.  Then you have to split them up.. repackaging them... ick...not the fun stuff.

I am working on a new design though... I'm designing a wool "coverlet" (for the lack of a better word) for one of my "lidded" baskets.  I want to show the "B-a-a-ad Girls Club" how fun they can be to make!

Here's the basket style I'm working with....

Mine is shaped like the top one with a lid like the bottom one... minus the leather strap!  I can't wait to come up with my wool pattern.... It is on my TOP 5 - To Do lists...

Yes... only 5!  I'm going to a UFO class tomorrow where you have to list 5 projects you want to get done... this is on the list.  Today I'm coming up with the drawing and templates!


Hey... look at this yummy treat I found!  It's a rice krispie treat (we NEVER had those as kids... I wonder why???) then it's put on a stick and dipped in chocolate!  HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOVE IT!!!  Although I have noticed you must be very careful when you eat these little fellows... they can rip up the roof of your mouth!! (at least they do mine...)  Of course... it could be because I think I have to eat them so fast ... you know... like someone is going to steal it from me!  HA!!

Now... I must admit.... this cake style is the FIRST TIME for me... I've never seen one shaped quite like this one... and it's perfect for this time of year... just in time for Easter!!

he he.... It's the bunnies "tail end" !!!  I thought it was pretty darn cute... although... I've never seen a pink bunny tail... I would have made it with white coconut!!


Now... I'm sure many of you may have thought about this... or actually practiced this serving process.. but I'll admit.. I never have.  It's showing you how to serve ice cream to MANY people... slice it instead of working so hard to scoop it out... then someone has to check out every ones bowl to see if they got more ice cream than they did... this way...everything is the same!  Pretty darn smart...don't you think?


And this... I thought I would share this with you... since I'm your basic "lazy" sewer... this fit right into my style!  If you are working on a project that requires LOTS of pressing... you can lower your ironing board to the same height as your sewing table.. just twirl around in your chair and there you go!!! 

 I love her ironing board cover!!  pretty darn sharp!!


Then... this... I sent this picture to my daughter, Heather.  She has the perfect window in her kitchen to do this! (I don't... very sad...)  It shows you how to use your green onions and keep them growing... so you always have them for your recipes!  I'm always using the "greens" from these onions... I sure with I had a window this would work in!  NO... not in this house.. (sniffle)...

You put the onions in a small jar of water... sit them in your window sill and watch the green part keep growing... Every other day.... replace the water... rinsing off the roots very well....

I think it's a marvelous idea!!  "Happy onion growing" !!!


Here's a little sweet present for you....

They are working so hard at being sweet....aren't they?  A little flower for you..."my love"!  HA!!!
(isn't it amazing what they can do with photography images????) 

Have a super Saturday.... enjoy the day and get outside and get some fresh's good for you!

Chat tomorrow...


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