Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday - March 14, 2012

Yippee... it's Wednesday!  Tonight is American Idol.  I love that show... I just think it's so awesome that young artists are doing what they love and WE get to enjoy them. 

Today is a day of beautification!  HA!  Yep... it's time to get the gray follicles colored and trimmed and then off to the nail salon for a pedicure and manicure.  Isn't it amazing how much better you feel when just a few inches of hair are cut from your head?  I feel so much better after a haircut.

Then it's off to the grocery to pick up water and snacks for our Texas trip!  We got an email this morning to prepare for RAIN!  YEP... they are correct... I just looked on the national weather web site and it's not going to be pretty!  RATS!  Although they need the rain so BADLY!!!  Plus.. we are inside the entire time...either hooking, eating or sleeping.  So I say... LET IT RAIN!  (after we get Nancy doesn't have to drive in it). 

Then I'm going to begin the packing.  I always start a couple of days ahead... 'cause I always think of things that I forgot originally.. how about you... doesn't that happen to you too?

Found some fun things for you... let's look!

The first two items are for kids... your kids... your grand-kids...

Hey... Remember when you had Barbies???? (I actually had one of the originals...she's worth a fortune today...hhhmmmm... wonder what ever happened to her?)  You know after time of playing... how their hair looks like a ball of steel wool?  This mom found an easy...easy... way to make their hair straight again.  SIMPLE..  Tip Barbies hair into a small bowl of HOT water for about 30 seconds... dab dry with a towel and comb through it immediately.  It will will be come "unfrizzy" - nice and smooth and straight!  Cool HUH?   

It's FUN bath time!!  These are those glow sticks... the kind that you see in the store around Halloween time!  Just "pop" them and throw them in the bathtub for a fun time!  Then they can take them in their room and let them glow while they fall asleep!

I thought this would be so cute for Easter dinner.  It's just orange napkins... rolled around green silverware and tied with two different green pipe cleaners for the carrot stems!  I love it!  You can always find these fun napkins and tinted silverware in the "party" stores!

How to tie scarves  Go to this link and find out TONS of ways to tie scarves!  They are so popular right now and learning how to wear them differently - gives you more value - BANG for your buck!  They look so cute around your neck... waist... and even on your purse!

I've decided... even those these are PRADA shoes and probably cost my entire life's savings.. it may be worth the cost if you calculate the money spent on pedicures (along with the tip)!..  Aren't these a hoot (even though I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them).  People must lay awake at night trying to think of silly things like this !!!  HA!!

Okay buddy... It's you and me!  We must be SAFE while swimming in the water!  READY? SET?... Let's go!!

You know... when I saw this picture it was all I could to to NOT burst out crying.  I will admit... I forget how many WOMEN we have fighting the war - away from their babies.  I'll admit... I don't think I could do this.  As a young mother.. .leaving my little ones behind... what a sacrifice for our daddies and MOMMIES!!!  I so pray... this will all be over soon... amen!

This is where we all need to be in our lives!!!

Have a super day everyone... it was good sharing with you.  Hugs to all...


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