Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday - March 11, 2012

Happy "Spring Forward" Day!  So... how many of you still get this little "spring forward - fall back" mixed up???  ((I'm raising my hand... can you see me?))  You know... I realize why they do this (I think)... but when you think about this... just how silly is this!!!!  In the huge scope of "IMPORTANT" things in life... do we really care if it's light outside when we get up? 

I just googled this silly "Daylight Savings Time" to learn the history... well it started with good old Benjamin Franklin.  There is a list a mile long on why it was adopted.  Wow... check it out... from safer for Tick-or-Treaters (scratching my head...what??? They wait until it's dark out anyway...!) to increased safety for children to improving "voter turn-out" in elections!  I burst out laughing at that one!  If that's all it took to get more people to vote - someone was a genius!  So much for that working!  How about someone running that's worth voting for????  (((ok... I'm off that band wagon real fast...)))


So... back to FUN THINGS!!!  What is everyone doing today???  I think it's supposed to be a bit drizzly here in Jacksonville... OH... WAIT.. let me check the weather on my new iPhone!!!  BRB!!!
I just asked (yes... I talked into my phone!) what the weather was going to be... I got the weather for the entire week!  Today... cloudy and high of 72.  The rest of the week - sunny and in the high 70's ((so sorry for those of you in other parts of the US that are having crappy weather))!  It's going to be gorgeous here!!  YIPPEE!!

Today... I'm going clothes shopping!  Someone just shoot me.... wow ... I hate to shop for clothes.  But I'm in need of SMALLER JEANS!! YIPPEE!!!!  So.. Vic and I are heading out to the stores to see what we can find.  Most of the time - I hate what is out there.  Wow... there is some ugly designs... what are these people thinking of.  It doesn't help that I have all of these body defects - that make it difficult to find things that not only fit well but that look half way decent... !

However, I WILL WIN today and find something (keeping my fingers crossed).

Vic and I were looking at things we've collected on our Pinterest Boards yesterday and I wanted to show you some of her horses (she just loves them)... here you go!

What a photograph... Beautiful with the sun shining on his mane!

The War Horse.  My heart is pounding with pride!

And... this beautiful piece of God's work...

How precious is this?  Baby horses are the sweetest
things on earth!!


Then... the wonderful Dalmatian puppies.  I instantly thought of the 101 Dalmatian movie.  We had one of these dogs (for a short time) when we were kids.  We were with our grandparents on the Muskegon River camping when it showed up at the camp site... hungry and lost.  We brought him home with us... WOW was he a wild thing.  He just wasn't a good dog for us so we found him a super great home with one of our farmer friends.. they were perfect for each other...!  He loved to run through the fields and play!

Look at me... aren't I sweet?  Now I will admit... these are not my personal favorite dog... but how on earth could you pass up a sweet face like this one?


Lately.. .I've found some wonderful ways to make and use cute "tags"!  ((I know.. I know... I pick strange things to talk about... just work with me here....)

Now... how simple is this... wrap your gifts in newspaper... find some inexpensive red and white twine... then use the package tags and just stamp the initials of the person the package belongs too!  Hello.... genius!!!  LOVE IT!!!

Then... an even cuter way... find old photos (if you don't want to cut them.. make copies on card stock).  Then.. they've used a scrap booking punch to make this shape of the pictures.  YOU... however, do not have to go to this expense... just cut them square or in a rectangle shape.. punch a hole in the top and add some twine.  Then they are ready to attach to your packages.  They have to find their picture to make sure the present is for THEM!  Then... have them take the photos home... save them next year and add them to their Christmas tree.  They can even add a little jingle bell to the twine and a small red bow... to make them a bit more decorative.  How cute will they look on your tree? !!!!

See.... Look what they've done with their photos!  It's such a good way to have your entire family with you during the holidays.  Dig out your photos... make these and enjoy the holiday season with everyone.  Guess what else you could to???  I hope you still send Christmas cards... (do you?... please say YES!)..  Tuck a photo of your family (these old ones are the best.. or make it black and white on the copy machine) with a ribbon - into your Christmas card.  Jot a note in the card and tell them how to add your photo to their tree... so you'll all be together during the holiday.  

It's also fun to use photos of your children as they've grown through the years... add them to your tree and "smile" as you decorate for the holiday.  You know... it's not important that your tree be full of expensive ornaments... that tons of packages are under the tree... no...  it needs to be full of love and Christ.  What better way to have both than sharing photos of your loved ones?  I simply can't wait to make some of these.  Happy Holidays... from our house to yours.  (I'm getting you "mentally" ready for the holiday preparation... do you think 10 months is adequate? hahahahahaha!)

Okay... it's time for me to hit the shower and get ready for my day of shopping!!!! 

Jack and I just loaded music on our iPhones and I'm listening to  The Judds and Alan Jackson while I'm trying to think and type ... with them singing in my ears.  Whew... this is hard to do!  I think these earphones may work better when I'm sewing!  Thinking, typing, listening, and trying not to misspell words is a true test to my 'multi-tasking'.

Have a super Sunday...  Hugs to all!!


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