Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ok... I am NOT happy!!!  Keck (my son-in-law) received a phone call from Heather (bad reception) in Africa... they did not make the flight.  He couldn't hear the reason...but the entire group "missed" the plane...not sure why.  She will now be home on Monday.  Here's the icky part!  Their entire family was to meet Keck's sister(from Michigan), hubby and 2 kids in Orlando on Monday - Disney world.  He's already told Lexie... so they will be going without Heather!  I'm sure she is not happy!  Wow... Lexie is going to have mixed emotions.. crying 'cause Mommy isn't going to be home and can't go to Disney... but happy she still gets to go and see her cousins too!!  What's a girl to do!  Jack and I are picking up Heather.  aaahhh... maybe I can finally sleep when she gets home!

Have you ever had those times in your life when you have STRESSFUL things going on in  your head that you just can't sleep?  Well, I've finally figured out that is my issue lately.  So I've written them all down(17 things!!! OMG!!!) and I'm going to take care of them - one by one - until all is finished!  Then I'm going to sleep like a baby.  Or better yet... give me drugs!  HA!!

I found some fun things to share with you.  Let's start out with this lazy guy... he's just ssssssssoooooo relaxed!  What a life!!


I love this idea.  Before wrapping a package... make a tuck in your paper.  Position the box so this tuck is on the front of the's made to tuck your card into!  Isn't that clever?  Now... If I can just remember to do this next time I wrap a gift.  I'm into bags... they are so much faster, prettier, and can be reused by the receiver.  How easy is it to place the item in the bag... stuff some pretty tissue paper in it... and BOOM... all done!  Now that's my kind of wrapping!


I thought this was so clever too.  How many times do we work on projects where we have small templates?  I have tons of them...always trying to make sure I remember where in the heck I put them in the event I need to use them over and over.  They've taken a CD holder that zips up... placed their templates in the plastic pockets.  Isn't that a cool idea?  Well... I thought of another one.. what about a binder with the plastic page cover inserts... same idea...and it can be used for your larger templates that may not fit in this small case.  Keep them together on your pattern/book shelf. 


Remember how I told you (yesterday) how much I loved old suitcases...?  Well, this has always been an issue that comes up.... THEY STINK!!  I guess if I were that old and have just been sitting around for years with no use... we would stink too!  Here is the solution... kitty litter!  They say to dump it right in the suitcase...close it up for at least a week.  Open, dump, vacuum and the smell should be gone.  If you have something that is too small - or it can't hold the litter - put some in a bowl and place the bowl of kitty litter with the smelly object in a ziplock bag... that should do the trick too.


How many times have you wanted to "sprinkle" or lightly water something and you do NOT have a watering can?  Well, you don't need one... !  Take a half gallon or gallon jug and poke holes in the cap.  There you go... instant sprinkling can.  Saves you money too... no need to buy one!


Did you know there was a "cooking science" to making PRETTY hard boiled eggs?  I didn't...!

Click on this link and you'll see hot to eliminate the "gray" look around your yoke.  Now... if you're like me... I hadn't even noticed the color difference.  I simply EAT the egg.  But once I read this little article... I was much more observant.  Isn't it amazing the things that we overlook!!

Hard Boiled Eggs

Then.... we have the beautiful hydrangeas.  Man-oh-man I love these things... and I don't even care what color!  This link gives you the instructions on drying them.  I sure wish I had some of these in my yard!  I would surely have these sweet things in my house! (all year long)

Drying Hydrangeas


Well, that's it for me today.  It's time for me to get things together for B-a-a-a-d Girls and tomorrow.  I can't wait... I have so much fun with those gals!

See you soon.... have a great Saturday.  Go out and have some FUN!!


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