Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday - March 17,  2012

I'm up and ready... Nancy and Katie should be here soon... we're headin' for TEXAS!!!

We're stopping to "pee", eat,  antique, visit needlepoint stores (Nancy LOVES to needlepoint) and maybe a few quilt stores... and pick up Susan at the Austin airport!

On our way home we are going to have lunch with Paula (Bonnie Blue Quilts) - in Katy(near Houston), TX.

So... this is a fond - farewell for a week.  I'm takin' a break from bloggin' - so I can be shoppin', lookin' and hookin' !!!

I'll catch you on the flip side when I get home! 

Stay well...stay safe... chat with you soon.

Hugs all the way around!


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