Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

"Good morning to you... good morning to you... with bright shiny faces...we're all in our places..."

This little ditty... (song) Jack's mom used to sing to him every morning when she got him up.  Occassionally he would sing this to me when it was time to get up.... needless to say... I wasn't pleased!  hahahahahahahahaha!  I'm a 'slow-wake-up-kind-of-girl'... at least in my later years in life I have been.  I like to wake up and lay in bed for awhile... collect my thoughts... plan my day... do you do that?

This morning I get up and Jack has begun going through our HUGE picture box (NO... I am not a scrapbooker...).  Yes.. I'm perfectly happy with all of my photos being in a box.  However, he has decided to go down "picture-lane" and sort them.  Good... it gives him something to do and it is so funny to look at all of the old pictures. 

The more disgusting thing... to see how SKINNY AND YOUNG AND WRINKLE FREE I was.  boo hoo... so sad!  The kids... oh my how sweet they were.  Gosh I love my kids!!!  SO MUCH IT HURTS... (know what I mean?)

I've found some cute things to share with you today. 

Remember when you were a kid (they still have them) and you would take a penny and put it into this machine that would flatten it into a design???  I found where someone had taken their collection and made a bracelet out of it... look!!!

Isn't that a hoot?  I can so remember these.. BUT... I don't have any of them now.  Sur wish I would have kept them!


Then... I love the IDEA behind this pin cushion!!!

I'm surely not a fan of the color... or the velour covering.... However, it has potential.  I think I'll look into finding a cute frame and try this.  It's just a little ornate frame... painted to the color of their choice... with stuffed padding!  I think I may fill mine with either steel wool (to keep pins sharp) or crushed shells (buy them at the pet store in the bird section).  If this little project happens... I'll post a picture for you!

Look at this lamp!!  I LOVE IT!!  Now... I'm telling you... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this project.  HOWEVER... it does take someone that is skilled at using a drill (for glass cutting) and wiring a lamp.  They do sell the "pre-made" lamp kits that work great.  The lampshade makes this cute little treasure.  Have you shopped for lampshades lately?  It's so hard to find really cute ones.  I'm just not sure why either.  Target normally has a pretty good collection.  Of course.. I've never actually gone into a lighting store (DUH!) to find lampshades.  I'm a bit of a tightwad when it comes to spending TONS of money on lamps... (I just don't do it) especially since you can make cute, cute ones like this without spending the National Debt. 

This little sweetie would look adorable in a kitchen ... or even a bedroom... wouldn't it?  I love lamps..not sure why... it's just one of those things!

Now..this is another super project.  Another love of mine is apothecary jars (Have you noticed how much I love STUFF???)  Well, let me tell you...these puppies can be down right expensive.  I mean to tell you...they can take an entire paycheck!  The one pictured here...came from a DOLLAR STORE... OR HOW ABOUT THE FLEA MARKET... ???  You simply buy clear jars - with or without lids and candlesticks.  Find yourself some excellent GLASS glue and make your own.

There is nothing prettier than an ODD number of these jars sitting together in a display!  They are so beautiful... especially filled with colorful objects and then... sit them all on a MIRROR or antique silver tray and you are "high-stylin"! 

Now... this ... is just down right "SWEET"!  It's a simple tin can... wrapped in paper - from an old book - magazine - newspaper and tied with sweet ribbon - in the color to compliment your flowers.  How easy is this????   It's simply adorable and so INEXPENSIVE! 


and... my last idea... I'm going to make from wool!!

What a simple pin and it's adorable!  I love the bright colors in this one... but I love the deep rich colors in my wools too.... Then I'll put an antique button in the middle, stitch a pin form to the back...and we'll be in business!  I sure which I could find some antique sheep buttons for the middle... wouldn't that be cute for the B-a-a-a-d Girls Club?  LOVE IT!!


"Hey... you're supposed to share!"

Isn't this adorable?  (((smile)))

I'm off to do a bit of house cleaning (UGH), then off to the doctor (UGH) then to Cinnamon's for Sewing Day (YIPPEE)....

Have a great one!

p.s. I finished stitching my wool basket lid... now it's time to apply the binding edge and attach to my lid... I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT FINISHED.... I'll post a picture....


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