Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 8, 2012 - Thursday

Ok...let's get this morning started off right!!!  My girlfriend, Karen, and I spent the afternoon and early evening together yesterday.  We always try to see a "chic" flick and then have a bit to eat.  This trip... we went to see "The Vow".  O...M...G... was it ever a WONDERFUL LOVE STORY.  So darn sweet... it just was about perfect.  Here is the MAIN MAN in the movie...

Yes... he is REAL... Tatem Channing.  What a cutie patootie... with an adorable little smile that will melt your heart.

I went to sleep thinking about this movie... how much he loved his wife... so much that I'm tearing up just thinking about it.  You see..they were newly weds (5 years) and in an automobile accident ... she lost her memory .... and he fights to get her love back again.  So darn sweet!!  Girls... go see this movie.. or rent it when it's at the video store.  It so reminded me of the love my honey has for me... I know he does.... wwwwaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!  Get the Kleenex box please!!!

Ok... gotta move on... to other things.... ((sniffle))...


This is hysterical... let me tell you the story.  Lisa and her friend work with a group of doctors that are funding different craft projects... the end results are... projects are completed and then donated to different charities.  This... happens to be one of them.  These contraptions are made to weave yarn panels...they then turn them into afghans... etc.  Well... someone has figured how to take these things, motorize them, hang them on the wall as art... in in ONE YEAR they have a scarf made... automatically!  Isn't that funny?  What are the odds that I would stumble across this photograph and it's the exact same thing the girls are working on.  Very spooky!!!  Too funny!!


Then... I've decided I must have been part of a Royalty Family ... you know... the kind of women that lived during the time when pearls and rhinestones were so popular.  I just love them!  I stumbled onto a Pinterest Board that was full of scrumptious jewelry that I would love to own.

Of course... I don't go anywhere that I could wear these sweet things... but a girl can "dream"...

Take a close look at this bracelet... it's made with beautiful white and pink pearls... antique watch faces (now... how clever is that!) and buttons.  I think it's just so "vintagie and precious".  LOVE IT!!  Then.. look at this one...

This bracelet is REGAL... don't you think?  Speaking of wonderful jewelry... have you all been watching American Idol this year?  The jewelry the girls are wearing is simply gorgeous...  I just  LOVE the way the show is produced ... no more bickering back and forth... beautiful music... singing coaches to help them... it's so great!  Ok... back to the bling...bling...

Oh Yes... this you could put on my wrist anytime you want too!!!  Can you say... WOW!!
I think the reason why  I love pearls and rhinestones is... it's VERY feminine and classy looking!  Yep... When I make my "gazzillion dollars" - this is the jewelry I'm gonna-be-wearin' !! HA!!!  aaaaahhhhh..... a girl can dream... cost nothing to dream.....


Then... look at this clever "repurposing" idea !!

Heck...I've been throwing these bad boys in the recycle bin!!!  Now it's time to rethink this process.  It sure beats wrestling with the plastic bags that the snacks come in. 

I'm getting ready for a road trip to Texas... may have to give this a try!  OH NO...forget it... I can't eat this stuff... that's the problem with "goldfish" you can't just eat one little...tiny.. .fish... I have to eat the entire "SCHOOL"!!  JUST SAY  NO!!!  ((damn I love those things...)


Jack is off for early morning Bible Study with his "man friends" and I'm getting ready to pack up my sewing for the day at Cinnamon's!  I have so many little projects that I'm trying to finish up, I had to make a list... I just know I'm going to forget something important!

Everyone have a super day......  do something fun and remember to 'BE HAPPY' !!!

Hugs all the way around.... time for more coffee....


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