Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 7, 2012 - Wednesday

Yippee... I get to hang out with my girlfriend (Karen) today.  We're going to an early movie and then an early dinner.  Can't wait to get caught up on all of her news.  She just got a job at VyStar as a teller... wonderful fun... no pressure...can go home at night and not worry about work she still has to do.  I can't wait to see how it's going for her.

How is your list of things to do today?  MINE IS HUGE!!  ((of course... I do this to myself))

Hey... remember those adorable teeny...tiny... blocks that 6 of us are working on for the OH MY GOSH quilt that we're putting in the quilt show?  Well............... we turned in all of our blocks the other day and all of my little 'shoe-fly' blocks were WRONG!!!  HOLY CRAP!!!  I couldn't believe it.. so... I have to resew all of them.  Faye (I LOVE YOU FAYE...!!) sit with me while I was working on other projects and ... the seam ripper and her were great friends for awhile.... and has them all taken apart so I can stitch them back together the correct way!  I OWE YOU BIG TIME FAYE!!  ((she's such a sweetie)).  So.. that' on the list of TO DO

1.  sew teeny tiny blocks back together

2.  deliver templates to new manufacturer  - these are our tumbler plastic templates.. found a new manufacturer here in town to make them for me.  Saves on postage and they are MUCH quicker.  Wow.. anything we have made that is petroleum based is getting pretty darn expensive!  These babies went up in price again... sorry everyone... I have no control on the petroleum manufacturing business!

3.  send pattern to my rug instructor - Katie drew my "annie and chicken" that I'm taking with me to work on at our Yellow Rose of Texas Rug Hooking Retreat in just a few days.  YIPPEE... 4 of us are going together and we're going to hook our brains out.  We leave on March 17--- yikes...that's only 10 days.  I'd better get on the stick!

4.  pull wool for more blocks - I'm working on a 16 block project for Cinnamon's and it's time to prepare more blocks.  I want to take them in the car while we are traveling...I can get tons of them finished.

5.  purchase groceries for soup on Friday (broccoli and cheese)

Ok...that's it for me... I'm tired already!  hahahahahaha!  I always start out with great lists and then somehow... the list gets bigger and I don't get as much finished as I want.

Here's a few things for you today!

Now...these MUST belong to Lady GAGA... don't you think?  Who in their weirdo mind would want to wear these things.  When we lived in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba... we had these spiders...let me tell you... I've seen them as big as a dessert plate and they are NOT PRETTY!!!

And this... Why would you do this?  I can't imagine trying to wash this hair... One of the gals I worked with at the bank in Cuba had LONG... LONG.. hair and always had terrible headaches.  When she went to the doctor...he told her to cut her hair... NOT just keep piling it on top of her head.  It was doing something to her neck that caused the headaches.  Sure enough..she cut her hair and she had NO MORE headaches.  DUH!!!  Just think of how many wigs she could make with these locks!  What a time waster...don't you think?

Did you know that if you put some marshmallows in your brown sugar jar or bag it will keep it fresh and will not get as hard as a rock?  Cool!!


I thought I'd share some of the quilts... I've always wanted to make!  (you the time I'm a 100 years old...)

Storm at Sea... I've always loved this pattern... and the dark colors are my favorite.  Of course... I wouldn't mind making one in blue and white to go with my "blue/white quilt collection" either !! Thank God for 1/2 square triangle paper!!!  Whew...a ton of them!

Then.. my tumblers... well they can make this beautiful Dresden plate pattern.  I love the browns!  My friend Lisa is working on one of these now and it's so pretty!!!  She's so good about cutting out her shapes when she's done with a project..then she's already to go when there are enough of them to make a quilt!  YEA LISA!!

And... of course... I can't go without making another quilt with a zillion pieces in it.   It must be the drugs I take...that's the only way I can explain it!!

Then... I just have this thing for basket quilts.  I've often thought I should start making all kinds of basket quilts so I'll have a collection of them.  I just love them.... it could be because I love baskets!!!  Especially antique ones...they are my favorite.  I loved teaching basket weaving.. it was such fun to see a pile of reed become something wonderful!  I still love to weave... just haven't done it in years.  It's so therapeutic!  Just like sewing!

ok... that's it for me today.... time to get busy!  Got to cross off those TO DO items!

Here's a sweet photo for you....

HELP... I'm just on the brink of taking a tumble down these stairs!!! Isn't he adorable??? 

Have a super-dooper day!!!  Hug your kids!!!  Tell them you love them!!


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