Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28, 2012 - Wednesday

Just call us "CHESS HEADS"!!       Yep... I've got my cooler and my rubber gloves (hhhmmmm sounds kind of gruesome doesn't it?) and I'll be driving the gang to Georgia for some "cheese makin'" this morning.  I'll take pictures and post tomorrow.  What a true experience this will be.


Hey... I've decided I need some "faster" help with my applique!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE needle turn.  However, it takes me forever and I'm not getting any younger.  I MUST MOVE FASTER... in getting my "bucket list" quilts finished.  After all, if I plan on leaving them in the family... I'd better get them finished so there's something to leave (I don't think the pattern and fabric will be as much impact a hundred years from you?)

Applique Technique  I just found this link with the steps for completing... and I'M GONNA DO IT! 

I love the William Morris applique quilts - and ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE OF THE BLACKBIRD QUILTS, and this will make them all happen - MUCH faster.  Read how it's done and let me know what you think.

I'm going to use Bonnie Blue Quilts (Soon to be "Red Crinoline Quilts".... tell you more tomorrow...) - Paula Barnes - Marcus Brothers Fabric - Old Savannah line of fabric.  It's NEW and WONDERFUL!!  Go to Marcus Brothers - Old Savannah  and check it out.  I'll add some greens and red shades to compliment her prints.  I'm so excited... can't wait!!


Yesterday, Lexie and I headed out in the car to finish tons of errands...!  After the bank and a couple other stops we headed to Wallie World.  Let me tell you (of which I'm sure many of you already know this...).. shopping through the eyes of a 5 year old is so much fun!  OMG... the toys are adorable (for little girls anyway).  Polly Pockets are her favorite right now and I... YES... I wanted to buy and play with all of them.  They are so DARN CUTE!! 

Lexie is now the proud owner of a Polly Pocket 'scooter' and a 'little car' !!  After picking out her treasures...we headed to McDonald's for a Happy Meal.  It's amazing how much I learned in several hours with her (all by myself).  Did you know that the Happy Meals have changed?  Yes they have... in an effort to make them "healthier" they now have larger packages of apples and SMALLER packages of french fries!  Which makes her very happy... loves apples way better than french fries (is this MY granddaughter...apples over fries??? Go figure!)

As we're eating lunch... she says..." GG... is it okay if you drop me off at the house so I can spend time with Grampie while you finish your errands? "     I burst out laughing... I told her she was "throwing me under the bus" now that she had her TOYS and was trading me in for Grampie so she could play right away.  She burst out laughing and said... "yea... you're right GG... but I need to spend time with Grampie too"!    I told her she was a kookie little girl... I used to want to go home right away when I got something new too (when...once upon at time I was a little girl).

Oh my... how these sweet granddaughters I have warm my heart! to Grampies we went!  HA!!


I've begun the process of another item on my "bucket list"!  I signed up for a "sock knitting class" at our local yarn store here in town !  I'm so excited... I've always, ALWAYS, wanted to make socks.  Now... don't ask me why?  I have no earthly clue.  I just love the look of them, love the challenge, LOVE to wear them in the winter time (around the slippers) and I CAN'T WAIT!!  I met the sweet owner, and she was giggling at me... especially when I told her I didn't even like to wear shoes... ! 

I would show you a picture of my socks...but they won't come up!!! 

I hope I am good at making them... they would be fun to make for the family!  .....aaaahhhh... just another way to show how much I love them.  Sock giving... is much like quilt giving (in my opinion).  YOU MUST BE WORTHY!!!  Since they are not quick projects and can be on the $$ side of 'gift giving'.  You better - darn - darn - appreciate the gift!  (that's all I have to say about that...)


I was going to show you some more things I love... but for some reason the photos are not transferring! (damn I hate computers at time.... arg!)

Let me try one more picture...'s not going to happen!  DARN IT!  I'll have to show you more tomorrow.  I guess this is my cue to sign off - after all - I have to get ready for my 'cheesehead friends' !!

Take it easy today... Chat with you tomorrow!


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