Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27, 2012 - Tuesday

Good Morning!  Well... the computer has decided to be LAZY this morning... I can't get the silly thing to do anything I want!  What's up with that anyway... it's been one of those mornings when I've wanted to slam it up against the wall (sorry about the violence!)

I have exciting news!  My twin sister, Vicky, got engaged last night!!  Yep... she's so happy..!  We went out for our birthday dinner (we turned the big 63) last night - downtown to the River City Brewery.  Oh my gosh was it sssssssssssssssssooooooooooooo good... and the view from the restaurant on the river was so pretty.  Larry... popped the question right there at the table... and gave her a gorgeous RING!  (we already knew he was going to ask her....tee hee).  She was so excited.

She's loved this man for years and now it's final... they are going to be hitched.  No date yet but they will be working out the details...something small... with the family.  He's such a super guy and he loves her to death.  He told me that he knows for a fact he's never had anyone love him so much as she loves him... and I think that's probably true.  He has 4 grown boys and they love her to death too!

So... YIPPEE for me... I have a NEW brother-in-law!!  Let's Party!!!


We were so stuffed we couldn't even eat our dessert... we brought it home with us.  So... I have that to look forward to today... yummy key lime pie - LOVE IT!  It's not on the diet..but I'm having it anyway.  Then it's back to the "zip the lips" motto for me.  I've got to get back on the mission of getting skinnier (OMG how I HATE to diet).  Of course... I'm not telling all of you anything you don't already know.


Since Pinterest was acting up this morning... I don't have a bunch of stuff for you.  However, I did get a picture of Nancy's doggies that she was hooking.  Aren't they sweet????  Isn't it amazing how they look so real?  That's what our teacher taught her.... She had a photograph of them she was using to help her with the shading.

Speaking of puppies... look at this sweet fellow! 
Now how CUTE IS THIS? 


We have Lexie with us today... her Daddy has to work and Heather is in Liberia!!!  Yes... she is!!!  I don't like her being over there but I know she's safe.  She's with a huge group from their church helping out at an orphanage they sponsor.  She will be home Friday and I can't wait.  I sure miss her!! 

Lexie and I are going to run a million errands today... Wow is my list long!  Have you ever wondered why they all seem to happen at one time?  Then I have to work on my stuff for this Saturday and Sunday classes of B-a-a-a-d Girls club.  We now have 45 enrolled and we've had to offer it over a Saturday and Sunday so we have room for everyone.  I'm so excited everyone is interested in working with wool.  Such FUN!!!!

Okay...sorry to cut this short... but it's time to hit the shower and get the day going. 

I'll chat with your tomorrow.... I'm going with a group of girls to somewhere in Georgia.  We are going to learn to make CHEESE!!!  Yes...that's right... CHEESE... What a blast this is going to be.  The girls that are going with me are crazy fun!!!

Later ...  Gloria

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