Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012 - Monday

Wow.... what a trip!!!  I have NO IDEA where to begin...!  So... I thought I would start with the one thing that was SO AMAZING to us.  You know how they say everything is BIGGER in TEXAS?  Well, let me tell you...they are so right!

We woke up in the middle of the night to a storm that made me (ME....!) sit straight up in bed - scared to death!  Now.. we're talking about someone who hasn't done a sit up her whole life!  The sound of thunder, rain and ... I swear... a freight train ... outside was something else.  Katie (my roomie) and I thought the roof was falling in.  I got up and peeked out the windows and it was raining so hard!  Then... in the morning I realized we had a metal roof on our building...that's why it was SO LOUD! 

On our way (walking) to breakfast.. look what was in the road!!!

Yep... you guessed it... the biggest night crawler worm I have EVER SEEN!  At first I thought it was a stinkin' snake.  That's Katie's foot (size 8 shoe) beside you could see the size of this bad boy!    I even inspected it... to be sure it wasn't two of them... (doing the hanky panky)... it wasn't... just one BIG WORM... TEXAS STYLE!  

Needless to say... later that morning... Katie found him squished in the road... so sad... he didn't crawl fast enough to get to the other side.

Okay... now for the pretty stuff!!  Look at all of this wool!!!  OMG... I just wanted to crawl up on the tables and roll in it.  So.... so... beautiful!  AND... all hand dyed by the instructors!

Isn't it wonderful????  Makes my heart beat FAST!!!

Then... the beautiful rugs everywhere!! 
Take a peek at some of them...

I just loved this owl.  This designer has made a frame (your choice of color) then you hook different panels for the insert - you can change them with the season!!!  Katie bought one of the frames and several of the inserts to make up for samples.  YOU TOO... can make this!!  She will show you how!!  See the sunflowers beside the owl?... that's another one and the petals is a technique in rug hooking too!  Here are more of the inserts!!

This is Susan Rogers rug!!!!  She was with me and got to hang her beautiful rug in the show.   It is simply unbelievable.  Guess what everyone??? This was her FIRST "fine shading" rug project!  She had never done this before and took a class here in Jacksonville at Katie's January Rug Hooking Retreat.  Her instructor charted the colors, dyed all of the wool and showed her how to do this!

The blue runner is Katies (in the show).  This was her class from last year (at Yellow Rose Retreat) and she had it all finished and it is GORGEOUS!  AND big!!

See... you don't have to hook BIG rugs... you can do this fun little fellow too!  I love the little projects... like my Annie doll (I'll show you soon...).  Then when she's finished I'm hooking a small insert for a basket lid, a snowman (that will stand up in the middle of a Christmas table centerpiece), then a primitive Santa....

Many, many, many hookers love to hook portraits of their pets.  Isn't this dog wonderful?  I'm so mad at myself.  Nancy (that was with me) was hooking her beautiful dogs and I DON'T HAVE A PICTURE OF THEM!  Nancy... send me a photo through email so I can post it!  I couldn't get over how much the hooking looked just like the picture!

Here is ONE of the projects Katie was working on... with the instruction from our teacher - Victoria Ingalls!  She was SO WONDERFUL!!!  We love you Victoria!!!

This is a portrait of Jesus... Katie drew it on her cloth... then Victoria hand dyed all of the wool.  Katie did get more of the hair finished...I just didn't get an updated photo of it.... Isn't it stunning?  I wish you could see it in person.. it's just so wonderful!

This was from the sweet lady that sat behind me... her first time doing a face and animal!!  His eyes looked just like he was looking into your heart!!

Then... this is me!  It's going to be a primitive Annie doll when I'm finished.  I'll tell you what... I felt a little "primitive" next to these gals that were hooking such fabulous stuff!  However... I learned so much and had a great time.  I have almost her entire head finished... the back of her head... and her chicken!  Yes... folks... she's going to be holding a stuffed chicken.  I'll get some updated photos for you when I finish unpacking all of my junk.  The clothes suitcase is unpacked...but not my hooking yet!

Then.... we had to stop at our favorite barbecue hang-out!!!  WOW is their food GOOD!!!   Homemade sweet potatoe fries, chips and the biggest beef ribs - so tender--- so yummy!!!

This is Sue....getting barbecue sauce from ear to ear!!!


The following photographs are from my next year instructor - Trisha !!!  I can't wait... yep... we've all signed up again for next year!!  These rugs she designed - after antique post cards!  I simply LOVE THEM!!


Here is our lunch room, hotel area... flowers... and REAL Blue Bonnet Flowers!! They were in bloom EVERYWHERE!!!

And....another year over!!!  Boo Hoo!!!

Oh... I wanted to show you a couple more pictures....

Before we packed for our trip - the backend of a HUGE suburban !!

On our way home from our trip... after hooking and ANTIQUING!!!

Sorry about the sideways picture... I can't get the silly thing to flip around!!!  ARG.... see that green pump???  That's an awesome lamp Katie found... she's going to put wool applique on the lampshade.  The white carryall is mine... along with the black crow that is lying on it's head.  We also found some wonderful stools that Katie is going to recover in a hooked rug!  (She's so talented!!) 

Then...things you don't see... fun things that Nancy got to needlepoint!  Sterling silver handled spoons, etc. that we are going to have "hooks" made from them (so pretty)... along with so many other fun things... I can't even remember them all! you can tell... we had a BLAST!!!  There's nothing like a road trip with friends!

And..I'll leave you with one final photo that my friend sent to me!! 

This is a HOOT!!!!  Just in time for you to start collecting the clothes... so you'll be ready for your front lawn "pumpkin display"!


It's good to be home....

Chat with you tomorrow!!!  Missed ya'll!!


p.s.  I just got an email from Yellow Rose - they now are accepting NEW "hookers" to attend the retreat... registration is open to everyone!  YOU MUST COME!!  email me... the instructor I'm taking next year - is perfect for those of you that are NEW to hooking!  I'll send you the information!  Gloria's Email

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