Friday, March 16, 2012

March 16, 2012 - Friday

Hi everyone!  Wow... I hit the jackpot with good ideas !!  I was snooping around on Pinterest and found a great board (from someone...can't remember who it was..) that has wonderful ideas for "around the house". 

Here's the first one!

Now let me tell you... this is so cool to me.  You see... I have my flour and sugar bags in ziplock bags.  Everytime I use them - of course my hands are all icky from cooking... then I have to try and get that silly ziplock closed - THAT WILL NEVER CLOSE THE FIRST TIME!... I like the ziplock bags with the actual zipper.  My husband, however, likes the kind.. you know... where "yellow and blue make green".  These are the most frustrating - time wasting things I've ever seen!  (whew..I feel much better now that I have that off my chest).  So.. I'm buying these!  What a simple solution... and we'll both be happy (I'm sure!)..

Once again... we have an issue with PLASTIC ZIP LOCK BAGS!  Yep.. you guessed it.. all of our batteries are piled together into a bag.  When you want several batteries.. the size you need seems to be at the bottom of the bag - so I end up dumping half of them out on the table... get what I need and then have to pile them all back into the bag.  The plastic box is perfect... keeps them free fom air (they say they last longer - thus why we had them in the bag) and so much more orderly.

Here are the little bread tags again.  How wonderful is this.  I don't seem to have much of a major issue finding the end of the masking or painters tape as I do the clear plastic tape that is in my tape gun.  For some reason it wants to NOT stay in it's proper home...then it is a mess.  This little bad boy should solve the issue.

This I thought was pretty darn clever.  Now I just need to find one.  It's made to use on your brick wall (either outside or inside).  I have a brick fireplace and I can't wait to try it out - to hang wreaths, pictures, etc.  How cool is this???  If you plan on searching for these.. I would print this picture and take with you - I can't even begin to tell you the looks on the guys faces (at Lowes of Home Depot) when you try to explain this to them (for them to help you locate them in the store).  HA!!

Wow... Do I ever need something like this too.  It's a magazine/book holder - used in your pantry for your wrap boxes.  I don't have the luxury of having a separate drawer to hold mine - for those that fit anyway (some of the boxes are WAY to long)... so I have mine on a shelf in my BIG pantry.  However, they are SO WILD - fall all over the place.. SO... I'm going for something like this... but I think I'll look more at the "book ends" concept!  It will hold my parchment paper, saranwrap, ziplock bag boxes (there they are AGAIN), foil...

It's time to reorganize the pantry - when I get home - anyway.  Isn't it amazing how out-of-order it gets... so QUICKLY... could it be because we don't put things back where they belong???  Or... it's those little gremlins that play in the pantry at night... I'm sure that's what it is!

Now.. .I'm not one to have lots of "stuff" in the shower.. but this sure makes sense instead of trying to balance everything in the rack that hangs from the shower head.  One for HIM and one for HER - how about at the far end of the shower so the DON'T get all wet and icky from hanging under the shower head?  Duh!!

I thought this was pretty clever too... for those of you that use cloth napkins and/or placemats.  Keet them together with a binder clip!  It's amazing what wonderful ideas we get with such simple things.

Ok...that's it for me today.  I'm going to finish up packing this morning and sit on my fanny and work on my stitching for the rest of the day.  I'm going on dishes... NOPE... not going to do it. 

Then.. when I get home from Texas I'll get to play with my Lexie for a week.  I was laying in bed this morning thinking what fun things we could do.  I MUST get out her little sewing machine and we'll make something.  Then I think we'll go shopping... hhhmmm I'll check out Pinterest for some projects too!!!

Here's my little "good-bye" photo for you...

Poor little fellow...!  It kind of reminds me of obstacles in life that we just think we can't accomplish.. and over time (as he gets bigger, stronger, and smarter) we meet those challenges and get them completed.  Can't you just hear this sweet little fellow whimpering... I sure would like to scoop him up right now and give him a "cuddle" and a sweet kiss on top of his little ears.  I so love puppies... the way they "wiggle", cuddle, whimper and kiss you all over.  They smell good too ... don't they?

Stay well, stay happy and keep sewing... I'll chat with you later!


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