Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13, 2012 - Tuesday

Ok.. .I'm bummed!!!  its 7:18 am in the morning and it's still dark outside.  I've noticed... I'm much more productive the sooner it gets lighter outside!  When the sun is up... I'm movin' and gettin' things done.  When it's still dark outside... I'm not so fast at hoppin' to it!!!  Ahhh... gives me a chance for more coffee... need a refill... BRB.... (be right back)....  OK... now I'm ready to chat!

I decided today was going to be all about buttons!  I'm sure you already know.. I LOVE buttons.  Have no clue why!  Maybe it's because we played with them when we were little... both mom and our grandmother saved buttons from old clothes... we NEVER bought buttons (that I can remember).

Our mother and grandmother sewed all of our clothes for school when we were little.  We were not allowed to wear slacks or shorts or sandals... NO WAY.. it was dresses and skirts.  I remember going to the Singer Sewing Center in Warsaw, Indiana early in the summer.  We would go to the basement where the fabric was located.  Mom would let us pick out fabric we liked for our dresses.  Guess how much it cost?  Come on... guess... this was in the 50's!  Well... WE ALWAYS wanted to pick from the bolts that were selling for a $1.00  @ yard!!!  BUT...........NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO..... Mom made us pick from the bolts that sold for 4 yards for a $1.00 !!  Can you imagine that?  Simply unbelievable that fabric has increased in cost so much.  Now it's more like $10 - $12 @ a yard.  Whew...!!!  Anyway... back to my buttons !  (sorry about that detour..)

Take a look at these sweet things!

I simply love button jewelry... isn't this cute the way the used double buttons and wire?  Look at that adorable hanging heart with the little bird inside!

Now... tell me... how hard is this to make!  What a fun project for a little Girl Scout Group... or summer Church group!  Once you have them strung through the buttons as above.  Just tie them onto  your wrist.  So darn cute...

Now...this is gorgeous.  I saw this on Pinterest and it inspired me to make a white button bracelet of my own.  I already had a multi-chain pearl bracelet.. so I went to ebay (LOVE ebay) and ordered a HUGE lot of antique white buttons.  When they arrived - I went to Michaels and found some sterling silver "jump rings" that would fit the different sizes of buttons I was adding.  Opened the jump rings - fed the button on the ring and attached it to my bracelet chain.  I'm going to attempt to take a picture of it and post... so bear with me!  (the one above is NOT MY bracelet)

This is my bracelet... It's not the best photo... but I love my bracelet!  You can do the same thing... or.. use buttons like below and make a really cool necklace!!

I thought this was a really cute idea... for those of you gals that knit... they made their little stitch counters out of buttons.  You could use pierced earring wires for this...less work and just as cute!

Then.. something as sweet and simple as this snowman card.  How easy would this be for children to make and send as your Christmas card.  I just love getting homemade cards from little ones.  It truly is extra special knowing they took the time to make them for me.  I keep all of them!  Then.. I'm going to give them back when they get older so they will have "memories".  I love making "memories"... don't you?

Another type of button that I think is just simply gorgeous are the GLASS buttons.  WOW...do they ever sparkle under the BEST light.  Guess where I've noticed how pretty jewelry looks and how wonderful it sparkles...???  You're going to laugh at me... but I'm dead serious!

At  PUBLIX!!  There must be something about the lighting they use up at the cash registers.. but at least in the two different stores I shop in... it makes my jewelry look FABULOUS... take a peek next time you're checking out and see what I mean! (it's strange where my mind goes to at times...isn't it?)

Hey... have you ever visited with the button jewelry vendors that are at the quilt shows?  OH MY... I just love hearing the history about the buttons.  They simply amaze me at the knowledge they have on each of these little beauties.  These are the most interesting to me.  They are "perfume" buttons.  In the 1800's (I think it's during this time...) when the MEN did not bathe as often as they do today.. they would smell VERY RIPE!  The ladies were all wearing those BIG full skirts - LONG - with the high necks... long sleeves... down to their wrists... get the picture in your mind?  Well... they would make sure they had these tiny buttons at the wrists of their sleeves so they could dab perfume on them.

See how it looks like velour under the metal?  It was exactly that type of fabric and it would absorb the perfume.  So when something "smelly" would approach them... or be on the streets (horse droppings)... they would fan their hankie and put their wrist up to their nose and take a whiff of the perfume!  Isn't that so cool??? 

This... is the door handle from a HUGE button store in Europe!  WOW.. would it ever be fun to spend the afternoon in this shop!!!  I visited a HUGE button store in San Francisco (sorry...can't remember the name of it) and it was fabulous.  They had (it seemed like) millions of buttons!  From the smallest of prices to hundreds of dollars for each one!

Then.. last but not least ... is my "funny-happy" picture of the day.  But of course... it relates to buttons!!  JUST SAY NO...............  These surely could not be comfortable when sitting.  How silly are they!!  tee hee.

Okay... so here is your mission ... should you decide to accept it!  LEARN TO LOVE BUTTONS and find something fun to make with them.  They are VERY addictive!  (trust me)

Yea... the sun is up!!  It's time for me to get busy!  Have a super Tuesday and... have some FUN TODAY!!

Chat later.........


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