Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 10, 2012 - Saturday

Well... today we are taking a trip to the Home and Patio Show.... just for fun!  I love to see all the cool, new things they have for homes!!  Then... out for dinner I'm sure.

This morning on Pinterest... EVERYONE WAS UP AND PINNING!!  It's so cool to see your friends pinning things right along with you!  Susan Reed (from New York), Lisa Bongean (in Atlanta), my sister Vicky here in Jacksonville!   Ha!  Love it!

Check out what I found today!

Pretty funny looking ... don't you think?  All I have to say... that dude sure has some BIG feet! 

Now...these fellows have the right idea... aaaahhhh... just sunning away and enjoying the cool water!  When we lived in Middleburg... our neighbors dog (Cory) was a lab and if we left the gate open to the back yard... He was in that pool in a flash... run as fast and hard as he could and then jump in... belly first.  It was so cute. 

"mmmmmmmmmmmm this cool window feels so good on my face!!!  Hey... look at the bird out there... I've got my eye on him!"

I just love cats... they are so wonderful and sweet.  I sure miss my Harriett...sniffle... she's in "kitty heaven"... boo hoo!!!!

I know I showed flowers yesterday... but I found this photo today and just couldn't resist it... Those blue flowers in that orange vase just POP... don't they?  Now... this I should have made into a jigsaw puzzle for my hubby... hhhmmm.. no.. I don't think he would like me for that!  TOO HARD!!

This little family has decided to bunk out together... on this teeny - tiny leaf!  Isn't it amazing what type of small creatures we have here on this earth?  Sometimes it just blows my mind to think about all of the millions of insects, animals, species that make up our world.  Whew... enough of that... it's getting a little deep isn't it?  (((sorry)))

Hey... I remember this guy... but I can't remember his NAME!!!  Can any of you?  Post and tell me what it is... it's driving me NUTS!!!  I think Vicky and I had one of these... can't remember for sure.  But I do remember him!!

Now this... girls... I"m telling you is someone  you've all been waiting to meet!!  Haven't you?  Come on... fess up!!  UNBELIEVABLE... isn't he?  The caption under the picture read:

"I'll bet he's single!"  ((what a true statement I'm believing that would be!))

Now tell me... is this not the cutest way to wrap cookies?  It's so sweet... I would think I was extra special if someone gave me cookies like this!!!  I wouldn't want to eat them.  ............  well.... that's not true... I WOULD EAT THEM... but I would feel very bad - just for a short time!


Okay...that's all I have for you today...

I hear my hubby vacuuming... guess what that means?  I gotta get busy!  He's so good and vacuums.. .then I do the dusting... ((he hates to dust)).  So.. I don't argue... any type of help is wonderful to me!

Have a great Saturday....

later chicklets...


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