Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Monday morning !  March 12, 2012

It sure seems like Monday mornings role around pretty darn fast! 

How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty busy... went shopping yesterday for some new clothes.  Came home with only 2 pair of shorts!  I just want everyone to know... there is a bunch of ugly stuff out there... at least to my liking.  Plus... I'm so hard to shop for... just hate doing it!  Do I sound like a broken record (((sorry... I'll get off that band wagon))).

Today is catch up day for me... I'm going to try and get as many little jobs done as possible.  Then I must get my wool ready for my rug hooking retreat... leaving on Saturday for TEXAS!  YEE-HAW!!

Jack and I have figured out how to down-load music to our i-phones from CDs that we have.  I'm now listening to the JUDDS and ALAN JACKSON ( him...)  Today I'll work on getting some new ones added.

I've found some fun little projects for you!!  Take a peek!!

I thought this was pretty cute!  These are "gift envelopes" made from fabric!  What a fun way to package a gift you are giving to someone.   Now they can keep the cute envelope and use it for other things.  These are made from plain fabric... so you could let your imagination fly.  Add some wool applique to the front... or make them out of:

1.  Kaffe - wild, bright and fun
2.  Antique pillow case that has the embroidery already finished
3.  Vintage tablecloth
4.  Striped or Plaid fabric

The ideas are endless!!!  I think the two little buttons are adorable for the clasp too!


Then.. how many of you carry tissue(s) in your purse... only to find out when you try to use one - it's either already used (icky) or it's been in there so long the lint that flies from it makes you cough! (can you tell I'm speaking from experience?).  Now you can make this adorable little case - insert the little tissues (remove from the plastic casing) - and you are set!  I thought these would be so cute to make up a bunch and give to your friends (!!)  Here is your tutorial:

Tissue Holder


Then... this is my favorite.  See the octagon shapes down the side (Grandmother's flower garden shapes).  Well... I have the "Hickory Nuts" templates that I will be  using (for sale at Cinnamon's Quilts here in Jacksonville) on an inexpensive bag I found at Hobby Lobby.  You could do the same thing with a bag that you may have already made... or have the pattern for.  I'm going to have mine be wool!  Won't that look awesome?  I can't wait to get started on it and show everyone!  I'll post a picture when it's finished.  They are just appliqued on!!


Then... I read an article the other day that says we should all carry a small pencil case(zipper pocket) in our purses.  Inside the pencil case should be all the tiny things we carry in our purse - so that when we are looking for them.. we don't get so frustrated looking for them... digging in the bottom of our purse.  We simply grab our "pencil case" - unzip it - and there is what we're looking for. 

Well... how cute is this one that we can make.  Here is the link for the tutorial:

Pencil case

Well...that's it for the fun projects for the day....


BUT.... LOOK AT ME!!!!

"I just love my daddy's shoe!"

Gosh.. I sure would love to cuddle with this little fellow right now!  Wouldn't you?
I can just feel him snuggling under my chin....

Have a fun day and be productive!  I'm sure gonna give it a try!

Later chicklets!


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