Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 9 - Thursday

Yippee!!!  Today is Thursday.. I love them... I go to my local quilt shop, Cinnamon's, here in town and sew with all the gals.  My to do list is long today (this morning) before I leave so I'm hustling around.  I've been up since 4:00 am!!!  Awake since 3:30....arg!!  It's just one of those mornings when I have a million things going on in my head and I JUST MIGHT AS WELL GET UP!  Do you have mornings like that too?

Well... I found some cute things for today's blog!  To get things started...let's all hear a giggle!!!!

 Aren't these two silly... the caption under the picture was... "Show-Off!"  !!  He's storing it away for later...that's for sure!

Hey.. the other day I was playing on Pinterest and I found two cute ideas to use your toilet paper cardboard with.  I immediately thought of my "freezer paper" that has escaped from the box (it got all mangled up in transporting it back and forth to classes)... SO ... I now have one of these little fellows on my roll!

It works like a champ! 

And look what some clever person
did with this one!

Covered it looks prettier holding your cord.  This idea I really love... I've told you all this before but I hate cords lying all over.... it's just one of those things that bugs the crap out of me!

I hope I haven't posted this already... but if I did.. here it is again... it's worth checking it out again.

The reason why I brought this up... there was a gal at the retreat that had recovered her sewing chair (she had it with her).  The back - she had embroidered her initials on it and the seat was a beautiful coordinating fabric. 

So... I checked my two chairs (one at the sewing machine and one I'm currently sitting in at the computer) to see if it was time for a recover job.  The answer was NO... not now.  However, I did inspect how to take apart the back and seat... no problem.  Just get my handy-dandy screw driver and I'm in business!!  You can use cotton - or better yet a heavier weight fabric.

Joann Fabrics has the lower priced upholstery fabric (it's on regular bolts...not the HUGE rolls) that is perfect for this project.  Just find one that matches your room and you're good to go! 

Then... this idea was a BIG HIT WITH ME!!  I just don't know how people have the brain cells to think of these ideas.  Makes me so jealous that my mind does not think like this!  All this is... is a pillow case and a LARGE embroidery hoop - the kind you use when you are quilting... you know the wooden style... HOW many times have I seen these sweet things for sale in the Camp Blanding Retreat Sale Room and I've just passed them up...telling myself - NO WAY am I going to hand quilt... I don't need to buy that! 

DUH... I could have made this!  It's a great idea to hang on the back of your kids doors!  When it's time for laundry...just grab it and off to the washer and dryer you go.

However... I also thought it would be cute to have several of them (all color coordinated...of course) hanging in your child's room full of their small stuffed toys... trucks and cars...

Or... if you had a laundry room big enough... hang several of them along the walls - stitched with cute tags on the front of the pillow case that would read - "towels",  "blue jeans", etc. 

What do you think?  The ideas are endless!!
Let your imagination go wild!!  And... keep watching those garage and tag sales for more of these hoops!

Here is your organizational tip for the day:

Do you have a utensil crock?  (I it!)  Well, it's time to clean it out!  Assess all of the tools you have in there... do you use them?  If you are shaking your head NO... it's time to put them in the box for Goodwill!!!  Do you have a box for Goodwill already in your garage or basement?  If the answer is NO... it's time to get TWO of them... one for clothing and one for household items.

I've done this and it is SO WONDERFUL!  When it's time for something to go... and it's still in good shape...still has potential value to someone.. in the appropriate box it goes.  If it's not worth anything... it finds it's way into the BIG GREEN GARBAGE CAN! 

See you tomorrow!!


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