Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm Baaacccckkk....!!!!

Wow...what a fun time I've had these past few days!  We just wrapped up our Camp Blanding retreat and I'm finally getting rested up.  Who would know that sitting around all day... sewing... laughing... and having a blast would make me so darn tired.  On the way home (Tuesday) I felt like all of the blood had been drained from my body... so sleepy!  Of course that could have been because I'm not used to staying up until midnight (5 nights in a row) and then waking up at 6:00 am. 

I'm not sure why... but no matter what time I go to bed... my peepers are open around 6:00 each morning (sometimes MUCH earlier).  So... why fight it.. get up and start the day!  Too many things to do ... will I ever get them all done?

We were honored by the visit from the Senior Staff of Camp Blanding and their wives.  We presented each of them with a quilt (wives) - for their part in supporting our active military - they so deserve the recognition. 

Our group presented the base with 17 quilts for their soldier family program.  It's so wonderful to know they go to great families! 

Our Sale Room... well let me tell you... it was stuffed!  That room sold $13, 400.00 worth of "stuff" from the participants purging - cleaning out their stash - getting rid of old crafts.... it was so much fun to see the smiles of everyone as they walked out of the room with their new treasures.  It simply amazes me to see what each of them will do with the new items. 


Today - my honey (Jack) and I celebrate our anniversary!  44 years... wow... that's a long time with one man!  And.. he is so wonderful!   Tonight we are going to dinner at Marker 32... never been there before but I hear it's pretty darn good!

Today we are helping our daughter (Heather) move into a house they just purchased.  What a cute lay-out it has... great big screened in porch on the back... beautiful stone fireplace.... I can't wait to see how cute she fixes it up... she's so talented!

I'm now the proud craftsman of these bracelets... they will soon be on my website to purchase!!

My clasps are just a little different... plus I will be hanging a sweet charm from one of the links.  They will sell for $10.00.  I made quite a few of them at the retreat... I asked the gals to wear them... test them.. let me know what to change.  I've received that feedback and they will soon be ready to order.  You'll just need to tell me your wrist size and that's it.. then I'll ship them to you!

They are perfect for all of us that love to sew!! 

I'm also working on another bracelet.... wait until you see them!!!  SO COOL!!!

Since it's almost time to hit the road and help Heather... I'll have to cut this posting short... here's your feel good picture for the day....

See that teeny... tiny... puppy in there????  How in the heck can he breathe???  So funny and so loving at the same time!!

Hey... have you been 'pinning' on Pinterest?  Guess what... I'm going to have a 'pinning' party!  I don't have all of the details worked out yet... but it's going to be so much fun!

Chat with you tomorrow!!!

Time to put on the grubbies... gather the cleaning supplies... and get busy!!


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