Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Tuesday - February 28, 2012

Wow... one more day left in this month!  Happy Leap Year everyone!

Man... was I ever productive yesterday.  I sat my butt in my office chair and did TONS of icky paperwork... you know... those things you've just put off and off!!  Filing (gosh...I hate to file), sorting out my files of current things I'm working on, putting up a printer that I wasn't using that was IN MY WAY, and then of course... DUSTING the desk.  Wow... it's like a dust magnet... I just about could write my name (I'm not sure why I'm admitting to this..)!  It feels so much better in here.  My hubby was shocked at my desk. ("yes dear... I did clean my desk so I can get it all messy again")

I've found a new app for my iPhone.  It's called TeuxDeux... you make your lists for each day, you can double tap them and they get crossed off the list... HOWEVER, if you don't get something finished.. it carries over to the next day.  I really like it.  You can look it up on your computer and see if it's something that will help you get organized.  I LOVE IT... I read about it on Lissa Alexander's blog (from Moda) and it's helping her greatly too!


Today I'm tackling a pile of "stuff" that I have in the corner of my office... things from the retreats, projects, extra bags and cases (they need to find another home) ... just to tidy up a bit.  It has the appearance of a tornado in that area.. NOT GOOD!  Then... It's organizing two bookcases (eeeekkkkkk) and two cabinets !!!  (pray for me...)


Look at this hysterical picture!!!

Isn't this silly?  Have you ever been in one of those restaurants where the bar stools look like legs?  This one is a hoot with the nuns sitting on them.  When I first glanced at the picture - I didn't think they had skirts on!!! hahahahahaha!

I know this is all done with trick photography (I'm so sure of it) but isn't it a hoot?  I lived in the country and my daddy had hunting dogs (lots of them) and we never had one silly dog with teeth like this.  But you must admit... it's pretty funny!!!  Duh!!  Just call us Larry, Curly and Mo!!

Now this... is the best Halloween costume I've seen in years!  I LOVE THIS!!  Needless to say, I burst out laughing when I saw them!  They are giant beach balls under their T-Shirts!  Tooooo funnnnnyyyyy!!!!!  Now.. if you can just talk your hubby into doing this!  That's the trick!


Look at me... aren't I the sweetest thing you've seen in a long time?  I just LOVE baby sheep!!  So innocent...

I thought this was a super idea... they've saved their wax paper and wide foil boxes... covered them with fabric or paper and now they are gift boxes for cupcakes.  I thought that was so clever.  I just have one issue with this.... for some reason - I completely mutilate my waxed paper and foil boxes.  They just come all apart!  Many times I have to tape them back together before I'm finished with the contents...just so I can roll the stuff out of the box correctly.  Am I nuts... or does that happen to you too???  I guess I'm just too rough with them.


This... is a great idea.... Hot glue gun... run a zig-zag of glue on the end of your hangers... it stops your clothes from slipping off the end of the hangar.  Question... have you asked yourself where all the crappy... tiny ... hangars come from in your closet???  Now I know that you get hangars back from the dry cleaners... but I rarely take things there anymore.  But it seems as though when I'm doing the laundry... that all of the hangars are these little things that aren't even the correct size for the shirts I need to hang up.  Where in the heck did they come from?  I think my hangers are having babies in the closet and I don't like them!  I've given myself permission to throw out those icky ones and buy me some that are big and sturdy!!  (whew... I feel better already...)

Then.. the last great idea... before you put dirt in the bottom of your planters... place a coffee filter (or two) in the bottom to prevent the dirt from coming out of the drain hole!  Hello???  Isn't this a great idea?  Thanks to you that thought of it!  Brilliant!

Ok... I'm just about to sign off... breakfast is almost ready.... then I'm going to get busy and straighten those bookshelves (oh..how.. I.. don't ... want.. to.. do.. it....)

See you tomorrow... have a FUN day!!!


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