Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 8, 2012 - Wednesday

Well... I'm up and refreshed... I slept like a champ last night.  I was talking to my friend... plopped on the bed while we were chatting... then played a few 'scrabble with friends' games on my phone... and that was all she wrote.  I was gone!  Until... the smell of coffee brewing this morning.  You know... NO ONE makes a better cup of coffee than my hubby!  It just tastes so great!

Hey... look what my friend, Paula, sent me!!  Now this is what I call having fun 'jumping on the bed' with your best friend!!

He doesn't even look scared does he?  So silly!!!


Then... I have a blog I follow from SEW MANY WAYS... and she had some wonderful ideas on how to use HANGING SHOE BAGS.  I use these myself... especially with my sewing supplies!  I have one full of all those small sewing items that you just don't know where to put!  I use the plastic - clear ones... so I can see right through them and it's easier to find things.  Here are some of her examples!!

Here we have two different types of shoe bags... the one on top is great for adult they can sit nice and flat and not get all crunched up.  The bottom one is great for softer - children's shoes.  It's so much less stressful for them (and you) to keep their room and the floor of their closet clean when we make it this easy.  You can attach the shoe rack at the bottom to the door so it won't swing around when the door is opened.

For those of you that have cold weather...these work great for gloves, scarves, etc. on the inside of your coat closet.  How many times did we have to search for gloves when we were little... Trying to remember which coat pocket we stuffed them in.  Here is your answer.  You could even put kids small rubber boots in the pockets too!!!  How about the dog leash... since you have to go to the closet to get your coat to walk the dog... it's a great place for their leash!!  Or... if they too have to wear a coat... stuff it in one of these pockets!

How about for toys????  I thought of this for my grand kids... you know how they have all of these teeny...tiny... toys???  What a great place to store them.  Although.. I would have to use the clear plastic ones... so they can find things easier!  Polly Pockets, doll house furniture, crayon boxes... the list goes on and on...

Now... this is genius... Here is a SKINNY linen closet door in your bathroom.  Most of the shoe racks are to wide... so... just cut in in half!!!  How cool is that?   Fill it full of anything you want... extra toothpaste, hair brushes, q-tips, hair scrunchies.... the list can go on and on!  LOVE THIS IDEA!!

How about hanging one in your kitchen pantry???  You know all of those small packages of spices that we buy...for tacos, gravy, jello... this is a perfect place to store them!  And by using plastic.. you can see everything!

This organizer is hanging on the inside of the closet in an office!  How many times do I search all over my desk for items that I only need to use once in awhile?  You know... the single paper punch, extra scotch tape, address stickers, extra post-it notes.... pencil lead/erasers (for my ever sharps), and then...we have the different size markers/highlighters.. I could go on forever!  Here you go... you now have a solution!!

But the best... for FABRIC.  Now.. the only drawback on the fabric storage issue... you cannot pile 20 pounds of fabric on each of these shelf units..they are not that strong!  however... they are a great place to put your charm packs... how about patterns in each slot (by categories) ... you have a great imagination... let it fly!!!

Well...with all of these ideas today.. I'm getting the vibes that Walmart, Target, Kmart... will be bombed with shoe organizer purchases!    Here are some more ideas for you (just to keep your mind going crazy with ideas....)

  • cleaners
  • long as they are locked and out of reach from children. Great for child free homes
  • canning jars filled with craft supplies (buttons, beads). Each jar fits in the pockets
  • children's snack bars and treats
  • socks, nylons, pantyhose, tights
  • bra organizer...keeps them from getting crushed in your drawer
  • dog, stuffed animals, bones, treat, leashes, collars, brushes
  • hair accessories...head bands, clips, bows, brushes, curling irons, straighteners etc

Hope you have fun getting your "shoe bags" into place!  Let me know if you've used yours for anything different than what I've shown you!

That's your organizational tip for the day:  USE SHOE BAGS and make your life so much easier!

Chat tomorrow...


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