Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 4, 2012

Happy Saturday!  Ok... I must admit.. I've lost track of time and what day this is.  What a whirlwind week this has been.. finishing up the retreat, coming home and hauling everything back into the house and garage (which I have not finished putting up yet... sniffle...), helping Heather at her new house... and BOOM it's Saturday already. Wow... this week just flown by.

So... today is "GET TO WORK GLORIA" day!  (I hate to do things I don't like to do... how about you?)  I'm on a mission to get my sewing studio back to normal.... we may have to bring in the "organizers"... you know ... those people you can hire to make sense out of your mess?  (no... it's not that bad...really...)

Hey... look at this sweet photo!  I just want to curl up with this sweet fellow and take a nap.  What a life dogs have... ever noticed that?

Dreaming of wonderful things that are just outside the window!  LOVE HIM!!


My B-a-a-a-d Girls Club starts this month at the Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe here in Jacksonville. 
I'm going to spoil everyone each month with a special treat... and a yummy dessert.  Look what I've picked out for February!!

Aren't these adorable?  I have everything all ready... I just need to get the little cellophane bags and some sweet ribbon.  I have the chocolate, peppermints, and sticks.  I just can't wait to make them!

Then.. for dessert we are having home made cheesecake in these adorable little canning jars!

I'm topping mine with cherries !!!

Then... we are 're-purposing' the jars and lids and making them into "wooly clipping jars" to use during our wool sewing session.  We'll be adding cute wool flowers to the lid !  They are so cute.. I know the girls will love them.  The lid will be a learning lesson on the different stitches... and adding black beads and a button to the flower center! 

So... Come on... come and join us!  It's going to be so much fun... sewing on our projects, eating, laughing, just bein' with the great people and havin' a blast!  $45.00 for the quarter - 10:00 am - 2:00 pm each month - last Saturday!  See you there!!


Let's talk extension cords... ok?  Have you ever wondered why they are always - brown, black, green, that gorgeous school bus YELLOW and don't forget that bright 'caution' ORANGE!  Now... this I don't understand.  They have a rubber coating... why can't they be plaid, striped, flower print... they could do that you know... and they would sell a TON OF THEM.  All of us chicks would rush to the store and buy them out.  I thought about making a 'cover' for mine.. .just to make it a little more attractive.  Then I came to my senses and said... come on Gloria... get a grip!!  It's only an extension cord... not the cover for your couch!  But then... look what I found!!!

A 'SCREAMIN' BRIGHT PINK" cord!!!  Is this not to die for?????  I'm telling you... I need to only have the money to put some of these ideas in my head into motion.  If they can make a bright pink cord...what's wrong with purple???  soft pink???  mint green???  Don't you think I've hit on something here?  Although... I'm sticking with my first thought... the paisley, flower or plaid look!  Heck... they can make that gorgeous oil cloth, plastic coated fabric... why oh why not the cord???

Ok... that's it... I'm over it now... I'll be happy with pink.  I swear... if I see a cord manufacturer come out with these new designs I've just talked about... I'm suing!!  ha!!  It never fails.. I just have this luck... every time I think of something... it appears and I missed out on the deal.  (of course... I'm sure there is a reason for that... just don't know what it is yet... one of those questions I'm asking when I get to Heaven!)


Here's a sweet idea I found on Pinterest.  The butterflies are the name tags at each place setting.  Now... you can use anything that 'fits the party'.  Let's say you're having a bunch of gals over for a sewing bee and you want to serve them dessert.  This is a cute way to show them how to use the name tag in the fork idea.  ONLY... let's use a spool of thread instead...

I went a head and found this one for you on "google".  You can print it - enlarge it - whatever works for you.  You can just cut away the needle!

Google - I should be a stock holder as much as I use it.  For those of you unfamiliar with this great computer 'tool'... did you know you could ask Google a question and it will give you sites to visit that has the answer for you?  It's a miracle... Google is an encyclopedia for whatever you need to know or find!  Try it... go to the Google website and type this question - Where is Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe located in Jacksonville, FL?  Press the Enter key and there you will have your answer.  Try it the next time you need information.... it's awesome!!


Okay.. it's time for me to get busy!!!  But before I go... let's get back to getting organized!!

Tip for the day:

Empty your frig freezer - toss old food - give it a good scrub... it will make you feel so much better! 



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